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Solution Advantages
Taking a leading place in the global market share of communication backup power supply
Cooperating with multiple mainstream 5G communication operators and system integrators around the world
Becoming the only non-U.S. brand battery supplier for large data centers in the United States
Undertaking major national science and technology projects and fill in the international gap with the results of independent development of nuclear power cells
HRL Series
HRL series, name of High Rate Long life, is a high rate VRLA battery. It is special designed for large data centers and UPS. With excellent high-power discharge performance, high reliability, long life design, wide operating temperature range, HRL series is an ideal for high performance UPS batteries.
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NDH Series
NDH is a high power battery.It is special designed for large data centers and UPS.With excellent high power discharge performance,high reliability,15 years long life design,wide operating temperature range,NDH series is ideal for high performance UPS batteries.
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NPFC Series
LiFePO₄ Battery System for green solutions NPFC(Narada LiFePO₄ ) series is a complete range of 48V LiFePO₄ (Lithium Iron phosphate) battery products, for a wide variety of applications, such as telecom base station, UPS, renewable energy system, etc., with advanced life, standard size, light weight and strong environmental adaptability. Battery Management System (BMS) For standard Narada lithium battery module, BMS is applied to monitor voltage, current, temperature of cells and module, take protections against over-charge,over-discharge,over-current,over-temperature,under-temperature and short circuit, etc., and provide cell balancing and current limitation during charging process to ensure a reliable safety and excellent performance. Meantime, Narada supply customized upper computer software for BMS communication via RS232 or RS485 to set parameters or read monitoring data.
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PFGT Series
LiFePO4 Battery System for 5G solutions Narada PFGT series lithium iron phosphate battery is a safe and reliable 5G micro-station backup power system, which can meet the backup power supply requirements of 5G micro stations, network equipment, com­munication equipment, transmission equipment.
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313K Series
313K(HTB) series, under name of 313 degree Kelvin, is high Temperature Battery. With 8 exclusive patented technologies, 313K series provides excellent deep cycling capability in high temperature. 313K series helps user reduce greatly operating cost. 313K series is the first choice for increasing power demands in remote telecom sites where high temperature and other tough off-grid hybrid applications.
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Acme Series
Acme series, under the name of “the Best”, is a first front terminal VRLA battery in China. Front terminal and centralized venting system design makes Acme series become popular product for standard 19“21” cabinet since easier installation & maintenance. As a stationary battery, Acme series provides higher specific energy and long standby life.
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NDG Series
NDG serise is typical gel battery widely used in all kinds field.NDG series provide excellent deep cycle,recovery performance and high level reliability to the plate and gel electrolyte.NDG series is mainly designed as standby and cycle application as energy storage system,telecommunication,emergency power.
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REX Series
REX series, under name of Renewable Energy extra, is a superior VRLA batteries. Excellent deep discharge recovery, fast recharge performance makes REX series more cost effective than nearest equivalent. REX series is mainly designed for energy storage, telecommunication, hybrid system, and emergency power.
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REX-C Series
REXC series, under name of REX Carbon, is a lead carbon battery developed from REX series. Combing world advanced lead carbon technology and REX VRLA technology, REXC lead carbon battery has extra-long cycle life, especially in partial state of charge (PSoC) cycle, significantly faster recharge rates and large current discharge performance. REX Series is mainly designed for energy storage system, hybrid system.
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EOS Series
Eos series, under the name of “God Eos”, is a most typical 2V large capacity VRLA battery in Narada, it has four generations and widely implemented in field where large batteries needed. With patented terminal sealing, Lid sealing & Safety valve, Eos series is installed horizontal, and bring a lot of benefits, e.g., less footprint, easy installation & maintenance, long life. Eos series is mainly designed as standby power for Telecom, Data center, Utilities, and Uninterruptible power supplier.
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OPzS Series
OPzS series is a traditional tubular flood battery. OPzS series provides excellent deep cycle life as well as ex­tra-long float life, and recovery performance thank to the tubular positive plate and flood electrolyte. OPzS series is mainly designed for energy storage, telecommunication, emergency power.
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UDS Series
UDS series is a battery designed as Ultra Duration Service battery, which is ideal for stable grid condition at varied temperature. It adopts Thin Plates Pure Lead (TPPL) technology and Continue Casting Punch Plates (CCPP) manufacture method and automatic assembling line. UDS series has extreme long standby service life, its design life is 16 years (20°C) .
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ICS Series
ICS series, name of Intensive Cycle Service, is a 12V front terminal cyclic battery. With innovative layout design and high quality manufacturing, ICS series provides high cycling and fast charge performance, ICS series is well suited to replace traditional 19“ and 23”VRLA/AGM and VRLA/GEL monoblocs in all those applications where space is limited, unreliable power or diesel hybrid operation is presented. ICS series also has true front access terminal and front-access gas collection tubing for fast installation and facilitates maintenance.
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Ares Series
Ares(OPzV) series, under name of “God Ares”, is traditional tubular gel battery widely used in all kinds field. Ares series provide excellent deep cycle, recovery performance and high level reliability think to the conservative tubular positive plate and gel electrolyte. Ares series is mainly designed as standby and cycle application as energy storage system, telecommunication, emergency power.
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IDC Series
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IPF Series
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