The Smarter E Europe | Narada Strong Presence: New Technologies and New Products
Release Date:2024-06-21

From June 19 to 21, the Smarter E Europe 2024 exhibition was held in Munich, Germany. Narada showcased its latest technologies, products, and application models, engaging with global peers to discuss future trends in energy storage.

Key Point 1: New Technologies

Narada demonstrated its integrated R&D capabilities for the entire lifecycle of energy storage, encompassing "materials - cell - module - energy storage system – management system - resource recycling."

Cell Core Technology: Five Years of "Zero" Degradation

The company uses low-expansion, low-lithium-consumption anodes, high-temperature stable electrolytes, and solid-state electrolyte technology to stabilize the anode interface and ensure uniform lithium-ion distribution. This approach addresses the issues of anode collapse and lithium dendrites. Additionally, the dual lithium supplementation technology for both anode and cathode compensates for lithium loss throughout the lifecycle, achieving five years of "zero" degradation for the cell.

Energy Storage System R&D: Liquid Cooling Dual System Backup

The liquid cooling system features dual cooling circuits that operate independently and back each other up. During normal operation, both systems simultaneously manage the heat of the batteries within the container. If one system fails, the batteries can still operate normally, ensuring uninterrupted power station operation.

Management System Design: BMS Three-Dimensional Protection

Through a four-layer architecture comprising "data acquisition layer, charge-discharge control layer, system management layer, and cloud service layer," the system achieves balanced clusters and zero circulating currents.

Key Point 2: New Products

Center L Plus Liquid Cooling Energy Storage System

In the energy storage system display area, Narada's 20-foot 5MWh+ liquid cooling energy storage system attracted significant attention. Equipped with 340Ah energy storage batteries, this system offers increased capacity, continuing energy enhancement within standard dimensions. It features high energy density, long cycle life, high safety performance, and intelligent temperature resistance design.

Intelligent Lithium Battery for Communication

Narada also showcased its intelligent lithium battery for communication base stations. This battery offers fast charging, long service life, and automatic adaptation to different charging voltages. It can be used in parallel with lead-acid batteries and second-life lithium iron phosphate battery packs, supporting capacity expansion and prioritizing lithium battery discharge.

Key Point 3: Expert Lecture

During the exhibition, Narada invited Nelson Nsitem, an energy storage analyst from Bloomberg New Energy Finance, to deliver a keynote speech on "Global Energy Storage Market Outlook" at the booth's presentation area. He provided an in-depth analysis of the global battery industry from the perspectives of the supply chain, technology, and prices, offering valuable insights into the future development trends of the global energy storage market.

Nsitem stated that global battery demand is expected to continue growing until 2035, with lithium batteries experiencing particularly significant growth. China dominates the battery supply chain, controlling over 80% of core resources. Additionally, he noted that with declining lithium prices, the cost of lithium battery packs fell by 14% year-over-year in 2023, reaching a historic low.

Finally, Nsitem predicted that the global energy storage market would have an average annual growth rate of 21% by 2030, with long-duration energy storage becoming a crucial direction for the industry's development.

During the exhibition, Narada also held several product roadshow events, showcasing the technical features and application scenarios of its innovative products, which attracted a large number of visitors' attention and interaction.


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