Narada Awarded Hangzhou Kunpeng Enterprise Honor
Release Date:2024-07-04

On July 2, Hangzhou City held the High-Quality Development Conference for Development Zones (Parks). During the conference, Narada was recognized as a two-star "Kunpeng" enterprise for this year.

"Kunpeng" enterprises are those with strong comprehensive strength, good economic benefits, significant social contributions, and a clear role in leading and demonstrating. These enterprises are considered the "vanguard" and "leader" of Hangzhou's economic development. In 2021, Narada was honored as a one-star "Kunpeng" enterprise.

In recent years, Narada has adhered to high-quality development, actively promoting industrial integration, sales and service integration, global integration, and the integration of industrial ecosystems. This continuous effort injects new momentum into the high-quality development of Hangzhou's advanced manufacturing industry. The company has established an integrated layout of the energy storage industry, covering battery materials, cell products, BMS, PCS, EMS, system integration, operation and maintenance services, and resource recycling. Narada has achieved a cumulative energy storage product shipment of over 60GWh in 160 countries.

This promotion to a two-star "Kunpeng" enterprise showcases Narada's robust growth momentum and strong resilience.

In the future, Narada will be guided by the goal of "three integrations and one fusion," striving to promote new industrialization, develop new production forces, and actively play the leading role of a "Kunpeng" enterprise. Narada aims to help Hangzhou build an efficient, competitive new energy industry cluster, contributing more to Hangzhou's efforts in promoting high-quality development in development zones (parks) and accelerating the construction of a world-class modern industrial system.


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