Narada Participated in SNEC 2024
Release Date:2024-06-17

From June 13th to 15th, the 17th 2024 International Photovoltaic Power Generation and Smart Energy Conference & Exhibition (SNEC) was held at the Shanghai National Exhibition and Convention Center. At the exhibition, Narada showcased a series of its latest energy storage products and solutions, contributing to the development of the new energy industry.

In recent years, Narada has adopted a technology development strategy of " research & developing and reserving". In the field of energy storage, it has established integrated R&D and manufacturing capabilities that cover the entire energy storage industry chain, including battery materials, batteries and modules, energy storage systems, and resource recycling. At this exhibition, Narada brought many innovative products.

690Ah Ultra-Large Energy Storage Battery

Narada's 690Ah ultra-large energy storage battery is compatible with capacities ranging from 650Ah to 750Ah. It boasts a lifespan of 20 years, a volumetric energy density of 380-440Wh/L, a cycle life of up to 15,000 cycles, a single cell energy exceeding 2 kWh, and an energy efficiency of over 96%. The system also achieves zero degradation over five years.

Center L Plus Liquid-Cooling Energy Storage System

At the exhibition, Narada prominently featured its 20-foot 5MWh+ liquid-cooling energy storage system. This system increases energy capacity by 35%, saves 43% in floor space, reduces initial purchase costs, and enhances cost-efficiency. It also features core technological advantages in safety aspects such as battery safety, management safety, and fire safety.

Edge L Liquid-Cooling Integrated System

Narada has achieved seamless cooperation and efficient operation among battery, PCS, EMS, and other components in its Edge L commercial and industrial liquid-cooling integrated system through full life-cycle product development, integrated management system design, and intelligent manufacturing. The system offers four major advantages: high efficiency and flexibility, lower LCOS, proactive safety, and intelligent management, providing customers with the best balance between cost and safety.

Recognition in the Industry

At the event, Narada's 690Ah energy storage battery won the "Excellence in Energy Storage Technology Award" for its zero degradation over five years, cost-effectiveness, long lifespan, and comprehensive coverage of short and long-term application scenarios, highlighting the company's leading position in technological innovation and product R&D.

Certification Ceremony

At the exhibition booth, global leading quality and safety service provider INTERTEK was invited to present the INMETRO certificate for Narada's NESR series of household energy storage products. This certification provides strong safety assurance for the smooth entry of these products into the Brazilian market.

Narada's NESR series household energy storage products can operate in both off-grid and grid-connected modes, with seamless switching between modes. The system adopts standardized energy storage modules composed of Narada lithium batteries, allowing for flexible capacity expansion through the parallel connection of multiple modules, easy installation, and customized user needs.

Exciting Activities

During the exhibition, Narada held several product roadshows and collaborated with TÜV NORD for a live cloud tour of SNEC, simultaneously introducing the company's new generation of ultra-large capacity energy storage solutions online and offline.

The company also meticulously planned a variety of large-screen interactive games, with enthusiastic participation from visitors, creating a lively and joyful atmosphere on-site.

These activities not only increased the interactivity and fun of the booth but also attracted a large number of visitors to stop by and inquire.


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