New Productive Forces: Narada Accelerates the Creation of Zero-Carbon Energy Storage Industry
Release Date:2024-05-28

Green development, is the "underlying color" of high-quality development, and is a crucial direction for accelerating the growth of new productive force.

Narada provides efficient, safe, and green energy storage products and solutions to our global customers. Our concept of green and sustainable development is integrated throughout operations, from product design, manufacturing, and application to recycling. This ensures a full-cycle approach to energy-saving and environmental protection, nurturing a foundation of new productivity with a green outlook.

“Our four major production centers all use renewable electricity provided by PV energy storage power stations. Currently, the company has installed 189,000 square meters of solar panels and configured an energy storage system with a total capacity of 35 MWh,” said Yamei Zou, an expert from Narada's CSR Department. She explained that the company continues to create a green production environment, with multiple national-level green factories, consistently reducing energy consumption through technological innovation and modern management.

Narada focuses on resource efficiency, promoting low-carbon sustainable development in the energy storage industry through green manufacturing and reducing the consumption of natural resources by creating a circular supply chain.

The company adheres to a full life-cycle concept and has established an ecological circular system that covers the entire industry’s supply chain, from battery manufacturing and system integration to operations services and resource recycling.

“We combine online and offline channels to establish an effective waste battery recycling network, enhancing battery flow management,” said Yamei Zou. “Through Narada's comprehensive utilization platforms for lithium and lead batteries, the recycling rate of waste lithium batteries exceeds 98%, and the metal recovery rate of the lead recycling system is over 99%. Our products gain a second life, reducing natural resource exploitation.”

She emphasized that, compared to primary lead, producing one ton of recycled lead saves 60% of standard coal, 50% of water, reduces solid waste by 60%, and cuts sulfur dioxide emissions by 66%. Additionally, recycling one ton of lithium carbonate saves 100% of water and reduces steam emissions by 87% compared to primary sources.

A product's carbon footprint is the total greenhouse gas emissions throughout its entire life cycle, providing a comprehensive view of a company's emissions profile. After determining its 'carbon baseline,' Narada Power developed and implemented more targeted carbon reduction plans.

Carbon footprint refers to the total greenhouse gas emissions produced throughout the entire life cycle of a product or service. It provides a comprehensive view of how companies and products emit carbon. Narada has formulated and will continue to implement more targeted carbon reduction plans.

Since the company's carbon emissions primarily originate from its upstream supply chain, Narada has established and implemented green evaluation criteria for suppliers, urging them to conduct life-cycle assessments and incorporate their emissions reduction performance into procurement evaluations or set reduction targets.

For its significant achievements in promoting supply chain decarbonization, the company was included in the CDP's '2023 Supplier Engagement Leaderboard' with an 'A' rating, substantially higher than the global, Asian, and industry average levels of 'C.' This demonstrates Narada's excellent performance in promoting climate action across the value chain.

Narada continues to build new productive force in the energy storage industry through green technology innovation and the application of advanced green technologies. The company's liquid cooling energy storage system uses intelligent temperature control technology that dynamically adjusts energy consumption based on operating conditions, improving system efficiency and reducing energy consumption by up to 15%.

The energy storage industry is not only an effective way to integrate new energy into the grid but also a vital component in establishing a green and low-carbon energy system. For example, the Leizhou Yingli Energy Storage Power Station provides fully integrated equipment, supplying over 200 million kWh annually. It is equivalent to the yearly electricity consumption of 120,000 residents, saving nearly 72,000 tons of standard coal and reducing carbon dioxide emissions by about 237,000 tons.

By the end of 2023, Narada had shipped over 60 GWh of energy storage products. Assuming daily charge and discharge, this would save 17,100 tons of standard coal and reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 34,900 tons daily, equivalent to planting 1.91 million trees, continuously contributing to a zero-carbon world.

In the future, Narada will continue to accelerate the implementation of zero-carbon initiatives, providing strong support for the green and low-carbon transition of energy, and achieving sustainable development for both the company and the environment.


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