2024 Electric Bicycle Battery Conference: Dr. Jiayuan Xiang Shared Narada\'s Safety Technology
Release Date:2024-04-25

On April 24-25, 2024, the High-Quality Development Conference for Electric Bicycle Batteries was held in Beijing. Dr. Jiayuan Xiang, Vice President and Chief Engineer of Narada, was invited to give a keynote speech on "Safety Design and Practice of Lithium Iron Phosphate (LFP) Batteries in Electric Bicycle ".

During the conference, Dr. Xiang deeply analyzed the industry development trends and existing pain points. She highlighted that amidst the backdrop of new national standards, rapid development of lithium iron phosphate technology, and declining prices of lithium batteries, the prospects for lithium batteries within the industry are very broad.

Simultaneously, ensuring the full lifecycle safety of lithium batteries is a core demand of consumers and a key to the industry's upgrade. She noted that the structure of LFP is stable; even under conditions of high temperature or overcharging, it does not lead to structural collapse or heating, thereby safeguarding consumer safety from the battery material system level.

Dr. Xiang then discussed the safety failure mechanisms of lithium batteries and the causes of failures in electric bicycle batteries, introducing the general principles of safety design for electric bicycle lithium batteries from three aspects: battery safety, product safety, and usage safety.

She pointed out that Narada has been deeply engaged in the LFP solution for electric bicycles for over 20 years, possessing six key technologies, three major product series, and three major competitive advantages in safety performance enhancement and market application.

" Narada’s electric bicycle lithium batteries possess intrinsic safety throughout their lifecycle. Automotive-grade reliability design ensures safety across multiple usage scenarios, with a lifespan exceeding five years," Dr. Xiang stated. "Our lightweight technology enables the total package weight of the 4826 product to be ≤8.6 kg, and ensures traceability of data throughout the battery's lifecycle."

During the conference, Narada's 4825 lithium iron phosphate battery successfully passed the evaluation of the first batch of the "Mandatory National Standard for Lithium-Ion Batteries for Electric Bicycles", proving that Narada's electric bicycle batteries meet national safety and regulatory requirements.


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