Narada Supports the Launch of the Largest Single Energy Storage Station in South China
Release Date:2024-04-29

On April 26th, the Yingli Energy Storage Station in Leizhou was officially put into operation. This project is the first large-capacity centralized energy storage station in Western Guangdong, serving as a virtual power plant, and it stands as the largest new energy storage station in South China as a single entity. Narada provided complete system integration equipment for the project.

Due to its unique geographical location, Leizhou City in Zhanjiang has a solid foundation for developing new energies such as photovoltaics and wind power, with an abundance of green electricity. However, due to the instability of new energy generation, it is necessary to maintain grid stability through peak shaving and frequency modulation, and the grid-side energy storage station, acting as an independent entity, participates in power auxiliary services, achieving load curve smoothing and peak load shifting.

Located in Yingli Town, Leizhou City, Zhanjiang, the Yingli Energy Storage Station covers an area of about 147 acres with a total investment of 3.45 billion yuan. It has a construction scale of 600MW/1200MWh, planned in two phases.

The first phase has a scale of 200MW/400MWh, and it is this phase that has been put into operation. The project's energy storage system was fully provided by Narada's integration, with core components featuring the company's independently developed lithium batteries. The project boasts a large total installed capacity, high single-cabin capacity, leading integration technology, strong standardization, and high safety factors.

The station can enhance the power supply capacity of the 500kV Anlan supply area, improve the new energy consumption capacity in the Zhanjiang Leizhou area, reduce grid losses, alleviate the pressure of peak shaving and frequency modulation on the western Guangdong grid, enhance the flexibility of system operation, and ensure stable grid operation. This is crucial for ensuring the power supply during the summer peak electricity demand and for the electricity security of industrial parks.

Additionally, the Yingli Energy Storage Station can serve as a backup power source, enhancing the disaster prevention and resistance capabilities of the southern Zhanjiang power grid, and participate in black start services, ensuring rapid restoration of power supply after sudden incidents, providing a solid power guarantee for industrial production and residential life in the Leizhou area.

It is reported that Yingli Energy Storage Station can generate more than 200 million kWh of electricity annually, equivalent to the annual electricity usage of 120,000 residents, saving about 72,000 tons of standard coal, and reducing about 237,000 tons of carbon dioxide emissions.


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