Narada Power Three Subsidiaries Gained the Certification of High-Tech Enterprises
Release Date:2023-03-01

Issued by the Science and Technology Department of Zhejiang Province and the Science and Technology Department of Hubei Province, Hangzhou Narada Power Technology Co., Ltd. passed the re-certification of high-tech enterprises, and Zhejiang Narada Energy Technology Co., Ltd. and Wuhan Narada New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. gained first time high-tech enterprises.


According to the relevant regulations, three enterprises can enjoy the preferential tax policy of high-tech enterprises for three consecutive years (2023-2025) to pay corporate income tax at a tax rate of 15%.


Obtaining the certification is a full affirmation of the company's continuous research and development capabilities and the technological achievements. At the same time, the total number of high-tech enterprises of Narada Power and its subsidiaries has also increased to six.


In the next step, Narada Power will continue to forge ahead driven by technology innovation, and comprehensively promote the rapid development of our businesses.


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