Narada Power Presents 512V High Voltage Lithium Battery Backup Power System for IDC
Release Date:2022-04-13

Recently, Narada Power presents high voltage lithium battery bacukup power system for IDC exclusive use. Mainly aimed at IDC scenario, the system is integrated with 512V lithium iron phosphate cell, three-level BMS and other core techniques. Not only could meet different power demands for UPS and HVDC systems, but this new modular designed solution also has the outstanding characteristics including high power discharge, high energy density, high safety and reliability.

Continuous and stable power supply is one of the most necessary conditions for IDC operation, which requires safe and reliable backup power system support.


The special power consumption and uninterrupted operation of IDC pose special demands for backup power system. Due to high voltage and heavy load of DC systems in IDC, the requirements of battery safety, reliability, and consistency are in quite high standards.


Narada Power has been continuously studying the new demand of IDC backup power system and timely developed and optimized the solution with a high voltage lithium battery system.


The system is featured with high safety and reliability lithium iron phosphate technology, extending its service life to over 10 years. High energy density lithium iron phosphate cell could bring high power discharge capacity for meeting the need of 2 hours backup power.


High-voltage lithium batteries are 60% lighter and 50% less footprint than conventional lead batteries when compared in the same system configuration.


The system also employs a three-level battery management system, with timely monitoring, diagnosis, prevention, protection functions, in order to realize overall management for the cell, module, cluster and the whole battery system.


In addition, high-voltage lithium battery system adopts special modular design, such as different external interfaces for installation and expansion, which would accelerate the system deployment speed.


"Narada Power has always been committed to conducting R&D for new technology and products. By replacing ordinary batteries with high-power batteries and replacing lead batteries with high-voltage lithium batteries, we have achieved the improvement of battery power density, reduced the floating charge loss, and provided more energy saving and environmental friendly services for IDC." Mr. Liu Lei, general manager of Narada Power industrial energy business department stated.


At present, many large-scale IDCs have chosen Narada Power high voltage lithium battery solution for keeping uptime.


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