Narada Power Lead Recycling Technology Selected into the 2021 Recommended Directory of Energy-Saving Technology Products for The National Telecommunication Industry
Release Date:2022-02-15

Recently, Narada Huabo "Clean and Efficient Utilization Technology of Waste Lead Battery" was successfully selected into the 2021 Recommended Directory of Energy-Saving Technology Products for The National Telecommunication Industry, issued by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology.

The current technology has formed a clean and efficient utilization process of waste lead battery with independent intellectual property rights from key equipment to process technology, and has realized industrialization, which plays an active role in promoting energy conservation and efficiency in the field of industry and information, and helps to achieve carbon peaking and carbon neutrality goals.


Effectively solving the key technical problems existing in the industry such as high energy consumption per unit and low rate of the comprehensive resources utilization, this technology enables to achieve more than 70% lead bullion production rate, more than 99.5% copper pole recovery rate, and more than 98% recovery rate of tin, stibium and other valuable metals, while the water consumption per unit is only at 0.3m³/t, and the lead contained in the plastic is less than 0.01%.


This is the second consecutive year that this technology has won the honor, which represents that industry experts and authorities have highly recognized the contribution by Narada Power in the lead recycling technology, in terms of technology promotion, cases applicability, and key benefits of economic and environmental protection, etc.




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