Narada Focuses on Energy Storage Industry for Thirty Years
Release Date:2023-12-29

In 2024, Narada will celebrate its 30th year in business. Over the past 30 years, Narada has experienced the rapid changes in the energy storage market. In the context of "carbon peaking and carbon neutrality", Narada has maintained its focus and innovation, and has kept its strategic strength of long-termism.

Narada entered the industrial energy storage industry with backup power as a starting point since the 1990s. From analogue 2G to digital 5G, Narada has participated in the development of the global telecom industry as a major supplier to global telecom operators, service providers and system integrators.

Since 2010, Narada has been researching and exploring new energy storage technology, and invested in the first Chinese new energy storage project "East Fushan Island Wind-Oil-Storage Microgrid Demonstration Project" in 2011, and has undertaken more than 50 new energy storage demonstration projects around the world.

Narada has constructed many energy storage power stations based on multiple application scenarios around the world 2016. Among them, the 160MWh smart distribution grid energy storage power station project completed in 2017 in Singapore Industrial Park which is the largest single multi-energy complementary energy storage project in the world. Since its operation, the project has become a benchmark for energy storage projects in China.

Starting from 2021, Narada's new energy storage business has entered a large-scale development phase. Currently, Narada's cumulative installed capacity of energy storage business has reached 50GWh, of which the cumulative installed capacity of new power energy storage exceeds 6GWh, distributed in more than 40 countries around the world.

Over the past three decades, Narada has been focusing on energy storage, innovating product technology and expanding market needs from industrial energy storage to new energy storage businesses.

Professional - making energy storage safer

In the past two years, the number of new entrants in the energy storage industry has increased, but the energy storage industry is not only related to the stable operation of the power system, but also to the safety of life and property.

The safety of the energy storage system needs to be realized in multiple dimensions, such as Intrinsic safety of battery cells, management safety and fire safety.

In terms of Intrinsic safety of battery cells, Narada's energy storage battery cell use special materials to enhance material safety.

In addition, Narada adopts lamination technology. This makes the battery cell safer to use by keeping the pole pieces flat during the cycling process. It establishes the first line of Intrinsic safety of battery cells.

In terms of management safety, Narada’s BMS provides comprehensive monitoring of battery voltage, current, temperature, etc. The four-fold protection provides real-time control of the battery health status. When an exception is detected, the BMS sends an alarm in time, greatly reducing the probability of system failure. This establishes a second line for managing security.

Finally, a third line of safety is needed. The energy storage system has established a multi-dimensional warning model with three levels of detection and warning, which can effectively prevent thermal runaway.

Narada is one of the first companies in the world to obtain UL9540 and UL9540A certification for MW-class containerized energy storage systems. Up to now, Narada has accumulated more than 200 global energy storage standard safety certifications, which are the world's leading standard safety certifications and reflect Narada's capabilities.

Professional - Promoting the application of various scenarios

During three decades of development, Narada has promoted product innovation and created diversified solutions to meet customer needs and solve industry pain points, and its products have achieved large-scale application in various scenarios.

With different technical requirements, product specifications and customer groups on the power generation side, grid side and user side, Narada develops diversified products for different application scenarios to meet the core needs of customers.

On the power generation side, Narada's energy storage system has the best consistency of the battery cells and the strong computing power of the BMS, which works with the joint monitoring of the system status by the wind, solar and storage systems, and operates independently to improve the grid-connectivity.

On the grid side, Narada's energy storage system realizes local intelligent energy management, equipment monitoring, fault alarms etc. through EMS. It solves the problem of low utilization of strong distribution energy storage and reduced return on investment.

On the user side, Narada's industrial and commercial energy storage system is equipped with the EMS intelligent energy scheduling system, which realizes a variety of scheduling such as peak/valley arbitrage, demand control and so on.

After years of development, Narada has comprehensive technical capabilities from energy storage programme design, system integration, operation and maintenance and power supply, grid, load and energy storage integration, and has completed the integrated layout of the energy storage industry from cell products, system integration, operation services to resource recycling.

In the future, Narada will seize the development opportunities of energy storage and continue to maintain its professional and innovative entrepreneurial spirit to contribute to the global sustainable development goals.


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