Narada Released the New Generation of Liquid Cooling Energy Storage System
Release Date:2022-09-21

On September 7, Narada released the new-generation Center L liquid cooling energy storage system(”ESS”) at the 12th China Energy Storage Conference in Hangzhou. After a new round of professional technical polishing, the new generation of liquid cooling ESS is equipped with Narada's 280Ah large-capacity lithium iron battery and 1500V system platform, with four core technical advantages of efficient integration, extreme safety, ultra long life, and excellent LCOS.

Efficient integration

The new-generation Center L liquid cooling ESS increases the overall system capacity by 60%, up to 3.7MWh; the standard 20ft non-walk-in integrated design makes the container layout more compact, effectively saving 35% of the floor space.


The liquid cooling Pack adopts high-efficiency group CTP technology, and the volume group efficiency is ≥60%; the liquid cooling system adopts the minimalist integrated PTC technology, which effectively increases the system capacity.

Extreme safety

The Center L liquid-cooled ESS has five safety designs of container safety, structural safety, electrical safety, fire safety, and system safety, and multiple lines of defense are comprehensively guaranteed; multi-dimensional hierarchical fault protection.


The 280Ah lithium iron battery is used in this system. Pack has a dual-path design of thermal isolation and heat conduction, and a short-circuit self-protection design to ensure battery safety at all times.


In the fire safety section, the system adopts precise warning of thermal runaway, active and passive dual fire protection design, and targeted fire suppression to ensure accurate safety.

Ultra long life

In order to achieve better performance and life of the Center L liquid-cooled ESS, Narada combines high-efficiency and intelligent liquid-cooling temperature control technology. The liquid-cooling pipeline is distributed in multiple stages, so that the temperature difference inside the container system is less than 5°C, and the temperature difference inside the pack does not exceed 3°C, and the cycle life of the system can reach more than 10,000 times.


In the intelligent battery management section, the system adopts a new cluster-level management technology and millisecond-level active current sharing control to achieve energy balance management between clusters of the energy storage system and improve system life and efficiency.

Excellent LCOS

The Center L liquid-cooled ESS adopts a new upgraded liquid-cooled temperature control technology. Through the convection heat exchange of the cooling liquid, the precise temperature management of each cell can achieve a dynamic consumption reduction of 15%, and the RTE energy efficiency is increased to 95%, LCOS exceeds 20%.


This system combines Narada's advanced product capabilities, prefabricated modular non-walk-in design and factory pre-installation, enabling rapid deployment and installation, greatly reducing installation and commissioning costs and shortening delivery time.


To ensure highly reliable product delivery, efficient operation and maintenance is essential. Combined with the e-Cloud smart energy storage cloud platform developed by Narada, through cloud-side collaboration and digital twin technology, remote intelligent monitoring of power stations can be carried out, which can effectively improve the convenience of operation and maintenance and improve the full life cycle benefits of the power station.


Persistently strive for perfection. Narada will continue to focus on the integration and application of lithium battery energy storage, and join hands with global partners to build a sustainable energy ecology.


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