New Energy Storage

New electric energy storage drives reform of the energy structure

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Technical advantages

Flexible deployment: Modular structure, flexible combination, Plug-and-Play. Higher energy design, less space usage IP54 protection level with flexible applications.

Ultimate integration: 3C combination and control integration CTP technology, all in one integration AC&DC temperature differentiated management.

High level of safety: Multi-safety design & multi-protection assurance Pre-alarm system, ensure system safety. Eligible for NFPA855, UL9540A, GB standards.

Ultra long life: High capacity and long battery cycle life, efficient active balancing system 15 years of system designed life.

Intelligent operation: Modular design, convenient operation & flexible maintenance. Digital technology, remote collaboration & intelligent monitoring.

Emergency standby: AB configuration optional, off-grid and grid-connected flexible. Emergency green power supply, improve power quality.

  • Product Performance
Battery Rated Capacity250Ah280Ah
ElectricalDC Rated Voltage739.2V~950.4V728V~936V

Maximum Charge/Discharge Rate

DC Rated Energy211KWh233kWh
Performance & Safety

DC Round Trip Efficiency @

Rated Power

Battery ChemistryLFP
Calendar Life20 years
Fire SuppressionGas + (water options)

Cooling Concept of Battery Chamber

Air cooling
Codes & ComplianceUL9540/UL9540A/CE/IEC/KC/KBIA

General Data (Combined BESS)

Weight (Approximate)2.5T3T
Enclosure Dimensions(W*H*D)1600*2330*12001600*2676.5*1200
Enclosure RatingIP54

Operating Temperature Range


Communication Interfaces

Communication ProtocolsModBus TCP/ModBus RTU/CAN
PCSAC Grid-connected Parameters
Rated Output Power
Rated Current
Maximum Current160A
Rated Grid Voltage400Cac,3W+N+PE
Output Voltage Frequency
Power Factor Range-1…+1
Total Harmonic Distortion of Grid-connected Current
<3%(Rated Condition, Resistively Balanced Load)
AC Off-grid ParametersRated Output Voltage400Cac,3W+N+PE
Maximum Output Power
Maximum Unbalanced Output Power
Maximum AC Current150A(Linear Load)/100A(Nonlinear Loads)
Output Voltage Frequency50HZ
Maximum Allowable Crest Factor2.5
Output Voltage Total Harmonic Distortion<3%(Rated Condition, Resistively Balanced Load)


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