New Energy Storage

New electric energy storage drives reform of the energy structure

Center L Plus - 20ft Joint Liquid Cooling Energy Storage SystemBack

Technical advantages

More secure: Detects slight leakage of electrolyte and coolant within. Automatic fire suppression triggered at PACK level

More reliable: Reliable dual liquid cooling system that backups each other

More compact: Less occupied area with fully preassembled 20ft liquid-cooling ESS

  • Product Performance
Battery Rated Capacity280Ah305Ah
ElectricalDC Rated Voltage1331.2V
Maximum Charge/Discharge Rate0.5CC/1CD0.5CC/0.5CD
DC Rated Energy7.45MWh8.1MWh
Performance & SafetyDC Round Trip Efficiency @ Rated Power≥95%
Battery ChemistryLFP
Calendar Life20 years
Fire SuppressionGas + Water Pipe
Cooling Concept of Battery ChamberLiquid cooling
Codes & ComplianceUL9540/UL9540A/CE/IEC/KC/KBIA

General Data 

(Combined BESS)

Weight (Approximate)70T70T
Enclosure Dimensions(W*H*D)12192*2896*2438 mm
Enclosure RatingIP54
Operating Temperature Range-40~55℃
SoftwareCommunication InterfacesCAN,RS485,Ethernet
Communication ProtocolsCAN,Modbus RTU,Modbus TCP/IP


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