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Circular industrial chain
Narada integrates the concept of green and sustainable development into the whole process of operation. From product design, manufacturing, application to recycling, and it can realize the whole process of green, energy saving and environmental protection. Through the integrated development of upstream and downstream industrial chain, Narada creates two industrial chain closed loops of lead battery and lithium battery, achieves harmonious integration of enterprise development with environment and society.
Green Operation

We prohibit the use of conflict minerals, including tungsten, tin, tantalum and gold (collectively referred to as “3TG” minerals) illegally mined in 10 African conflict countries/regions (including the Democratic Republic of the Congo).

We send out the questionnaires of social responsibility to the suppliers every year, and put forward specific requirements on environment, occupational health and safety and labor employment to the suppliers, and urge the improvement of deficiencies.

To ensure that the suppliers meet standard at high level, we thoroughly investigate the minerals used in their products. In 2011, Narada began to investigate the source of the suppliers’ “3TG” minerals, and make annual investigation and update.

We cooperate with logistics suppliers to arrange and plan the transportation routes reasonably, and realize energy saving and emission reduction through reverse logistics, shortening transportation lines and increasing vehicle loading rate.

We conduct due diligence on conflict minerals in order to establish a conflict-free mineral system. We encourage suppliers to work with smelting plants certified by RMAP (Responsible Minerals Assurance Process).

We are selected into the list of the fifth batch of national green supply chain management enterprises.

Green Production

We reduce energy consumption in production and operation through technological innovation, management and other methods. The office power of two production centers in Hangzhou uses the green energy provided by photovoltaic+energy storage power station developed and manufactured by the company.

We have effectively saved water resources by improving the water use efficiency of process, improving the use of circulating water, the deep wastewater treatment and reuse and other measures.

The production wastewater is reused for production after being treated by sewage treatment system and reclaimed water reuse system. The wastewater discharge port is installed with online monitoring and connected with the Environmental Protection Bureau. The treated water quality is far better than the national standard.

Through effective management means and advanced technologies and equipment, we improve energy utilization rate and reduce greenhouse gas emission per unit product.

Our three companies are listed in the second batch of national green factories.

Green Design

According to the whole life cycle concept, we improve environmental performance from the acquisition of raw materials, production, use, treatment at the end of life, cycle and final disposal, and design and develop products applied to the new energy industry. These green products we create are designed to reduce fossil energy consumption.

We have established a product traceability system, and built the whole process tracking management of products from raw materials, delivery to recycling.

Our products can reduce the pollutant emission greatly through advanced and continuous manufacturing technology, and meet or exceed the requirements of national standards.

Through building intelligent and remote Internet of things platform, we collect the operation data of application projects in different places, realize the remote monitoring and intelligent energy use of products, and greatly reduce the energy consumption of travel of operation and maintenance personnel.

We have developed green packaging strategy, adopt appropriate packaging, reuse, material recycling and other ways to improve the recycling efficiency of materials, and the utilization rate of recycled wood is 89%.

Our three products are listed in the national green design products.

Green Application

By the end of 2020, accumulated discharge of energy storage power stations built by Narada has reached 16.28GWh, which is equivalent to reducing emission of 44271 tons of carbon and 162327 tons of carbon dioxide and planting 8867 trees.

We provide clean power for new energy vehicles and light electric vehicles, and explore new green travel modes, such as sharing and power exchange, to promote green and zero carbon emission.

Green Recycling

We have built two industrial closed loops, namely, lead battery cycle industrial chain and lithium battery cycle industrial chain.

We continue to build a comprehensive utilization platform for lithium battery regeneration, lead battery regeneration and new materials, so that our products can get a second life, and it can reduce the exploitation and consumption of natural resources.

Our lead recovery system has a metal recovery rate of over 99%, plastic recovery rate of 99%, recovery rate of residual acid of 100%, production cost is 38% lower than that of primary lead, and energy consumption is only 35% of that of the primary lead.

Compared with the primary lead, for producing every ton of recycled lead, we can save standard coal by 60%, save water by 50%, reduce solid waste by 60% and reduce sulfur dioxide emission by 66%.


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