Narada Energy Storage System Won the Provincial Award
Release Date:2024-05-15

Recently, the Zhejiang Provincial Department of Economy and Information Technology released the list of outstanding new industrial products in Zhejiang Province for 2023. Narada's “High Efficiency Long Cycle Lithium Battery Energy Storage System” was included on the list.

Narada has been closely monitoring the development trends in the energy storage industry. Aiming for higher safety performance, longer cycle life, and lower electricity costs, the company has established research and development platforms in collaboration with universities and research institutions to continuously conduct fundamental and forward-looking research.

In terms of long-life technology, the company has been innovating in multi-phase coordinated lithium replenishment, long-lasting stable anodes electrode, artificial SEI, and self-healing electrolytes, breaking through the technical bottleneck of ultra-long life lithium batteries for large-scale energy storage, achieving over 15,000 cycles. For high safety technology, they have developed high melting point polymer separators and flame retardant coating technology, increasing the membrane rupture temperature to over 200. In the field of solid-state batteries, they have tackled key materials and process technologies such as solid electrolytes and interface wetting agents, stabilizing the lithium conduction network, ensuring uniform ion deposition, and reducing the electrolyte proportion by 30%.

The company has achieved significant accumulation of core technologies and processes in the energy storage field, and its products have been widely applied on the power supply side, grid side, and user side.

In 2023, the company deepened its overseas strategy, strengthening the configuration of service centers in Europe, North America, Australia, and other regions. It has successively won bids for several energy storage projects, including a 178MWh energy storage system project in the UK and a 256MWh energy storage project in Australia.

In the domestic new energy storage market, based on the business of energy storage for new energy, the company actively seizes growth opportunities in independent energy storage/shared energy storage power stations, identifies key customers, and deepens strategic cooperation relationships. Narada has successively won bids for the 408MWh energy storage system project of Yuneng Holdings, the 100MW/200MWh energy storage system project of PowerChina, and the 50MW/100MWh centralized energy storage project of SPIC Hubei Wuhan Narada (Ezhou).

In the future, Narada will continuously enhance product competitiveness, strengthen refined manufacturing capabilities, and create a “golden business card” of excellent industrial products in Zhejiang Province, contributing to the high-quality development of Zhejiang Province. 


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