The 340Ah Battery Developed by Narada made its World Debut in CIES2024 Hangzhou
Release Date:2024-03-14

The 14th China International Energy Storage Conference and Exhibition was held in Hangzhou from 10-13 March. Narada exhibited a range of the latest energy storage products and solutions, and discussed the innovation and development of the energy storage industry with industry colleagues.

340Ah Battery Developed by Narada for Energy Storage makes Global Debut

The newly upgraded Narada 340Ah energy storage dedicated battery attracted people’s attention at the exhibition.

The capacity of the Narada energy storage battery has been upgraded from 314Ah to 340Ah, which is more than a 20% increase in capacity. Moreover, it has an energy capacity of 1,088 Wh. The energy per unit exceeds 1 kWh, and the volumetric energy density exceeds 420 Wh/L.

The 340Ah battery is the same size as the 280Ah/314Ah battery, which means it is compatible with all energy storage packs and systems based on the 280Ah/314Ah cell design. Helps reduce system amortization costs.

The 340Ah energy storage battery uses pre-lithium design technology to improve the lithium consumption during the cycle and reduce the negative effect of lithium consumption on the cycle.

In addition, the capacity of the 20ft energy storage system equipped with Narada's 340Ah energy storage battery has been further increased to 5.43MWh, which achieves a continued increase in energy at standard sizes.

Narada also exhibited a series of new products such as industrial and commercial liquid cooling All-in-One machines and IDC high-voltage high-power lithium battery systems. The exhibitors at the booth through the sand table model, more intuitive understanding of our business scope.

During the exhibition, the Korea Industry Development Association President Changho Choi and other leaders and partners visited the Narada booth.

Opening Speech

Narada Executive President Xiubing Gao was invited to give a speech at the opening ceremony of the conference, whice was held in the same period.

He said that Narada has always focused on the development and application of energy storage technology and products since its establishment 30 years ago. At present, the company already has the energy storage programmer design, system integration, operation and maintenance and the integration of power supply, grid, load and energy storage of the various scenarios of energy storage application landing capacity.

At present, the company has led and participated in the formulation of more than 50 international, national and industrial energy storage standards related to energy storage. Our products have passed more than 200 certifications related to energy storage worldwide, and our cumulative shipments have exceeded 50GWh.

In his speech, he pointed out that Narada focuses on the main business of energy storage and adheres to the guidelines of “industrial integration, sales and service integration, global integration and industrial ecological integration” to promote high-quality development.

The company has successfully built the whole industrial chin of energy storage and formed an integrated layout of industry around the energy storage business. Narada has established localized sales and service centers in Europe, North America and other regions of the world, which has the ability to support the landing of global energy storage projects and sales services.

“Narada will continue to work with industry colleagues to actively build the energy storage industry ecosystem and promote the development of the energy storage industry through industrial ecological integration.” Executive director Xiubing Gao said in the opening speech.

Keynote Speeches

Jianhua Yu, Vice President of Narada's Domestic Marketing Centre, delivered a keynote speech on "New Power Energy Storage Applications and Future Innovative Applications".

He said that energy development is facing a series of challenges such as demand pressure, supply constraints, green and low-carbon transformation, and energy storage is a key support technology to promote energy transformation and carbon neutrality.

However, security is one of the pain points for the large-scale development of the energy storage industry. Narada sets up multiple lines of defense through three security protection, four security protection and five security design. High-quality development of products to create safe and reliable energy storage products.

Subsequently, he explained the experience and advantages of Narada in the large-scale application of new energy storage from the aspects of integrated layout of energy storage industry, energy storage product series display, energy storage all-scene solutions, etc.

Yi Dai, Vice President of Narada International Marketing Center, shared a keynote speech on “Challenges and Opportunities in the Overseas Energy Storage Industry”.

The overseas energy storage market currently faces challenges of intensifying competition, policy restrictions and overseas localization, but opportunities and challenges coexist, he said.

Based on the diversified development of technologies, increased investment in some regions of the world, the promotion of the "carbon neutral" goal, the significant integration of new energy sources into the grid, and the reform of the power system, the overseas energy storage market has great potential in the future.

"Narada grasps the development opportunities of the overseas energy storage industry, and with the advantage of 30 years of experience in energy storage, its energy storage system integration capability and commissioning scale are among the top of global peers." Vice President Yi Dai said.

Won Awards

At this conference, Narada won the "2024 China Energy Storage Industry Most Influential Enterprise Award" relying on safe and reliable energy storage products and continuous investment in research and development and technological innovation, and won the "2024 China Energy Storage Industry Best System Integration Solution Award" with efficient and reliable energy storage system solutions.

This means that the company has been highly recognized by the industry in terms of energy storage technology innovation, system integration solutions, and contributions to the development of the energy storage industry.

Mainstream Media Interview

During the conference, Narada Vice President Jiayuan Xiang, Vice President of the International Marketing Center Yi Dai, Vice President of the Domestic Marketing Center Jianhua Yu, together accepted a number of mainstream media interviews.

In the future, Narada will continue to increase investment in R&D and technological innovation to provide leading energy storage solutions to customers around the world. It will continue to improve the competitiveness of our products and services to help achieve the global energy transition and sustainable development goals.


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