Narada participated in Battery Japan 2024
Release Date:2024-03-01

From 28th February to 1st March, 2024 Battery Japan was held in Tokyo, Japan. Narada exhibited 20ft 5MWh+ liquid cooling energy storage system, Edge L liquid cooling all-in-one machine and other products.

At the exhibition, Narada's latest 300Ah+ energy storage battery cell adopts high quality cathode materials and high purity electrolyte to achieve higher energy density and energy conversion efficiency to meet the energy demand of more application scenarios.

"The prelithiation design process technology used in the cell can improve lithium consumption during cycling and reduce the adverse effects of lithium consumption on cycling. Prelithiation enables the electrode to undergo volume expansion in advance. It avoids the collapse of the electrode structure and the shedding of the electrode material during the subsequent cyclic charging and discharging of the battery. Simultaneously, the cycling performance of the cell can be improved." Hao Zhang, General Manager of Narada Japan, said when introducing Narada's energy storage battery cells.

The Center L Plus 20ft liquid cooling energy storage system equipped with 300Ah+ energy storage cells attracted a lot of attention. The product features high energy density, long cycle life, high safety performance and intelligent temperature resistant design.

In addition, New products such as Narada's Edge L liquid cooling all-in-one machine and IDC high voltage lithium battery system were also on display at the booth. These products attracted many visitors to the exhibition.

Narada also displayed the company's advantage of "industrial integration" as a special exhibition item, which made visitors feel Narada's strength and competitiveness in the energy storage industry chain..

Narada has formed an integrated layout around the energy storage business and constructed an ecological system for the entire energy storage industry. Meanwhile, we will continue to strengthen industry co-operation to lay the foundation for the development of the energy storage business.


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