Narada energy storage ranks near the top of the BNEF bankability list
Release Date:2024-01-12

Recently, Bloomberg New Energy Finance (BNEF) released the Energy Storage System Cost Survey 2023. Narada is ranked among the Top 5 Chinese companies in the Battery bankability list and Storage providers & Integrators bankability list.

Narada has been included in this BNEF list for the second consecutive year, meaning that using Narada's energy storage products makes it easier for project developers to obtain bank financing and non-recourse loans.

The inclusion in the bankability list is reflection of Narada's brand reputation and market position, as well as the industry's high recognition of Narada's core products and energy storage system solutions.

The report emphasizes that batteries are important in energy storage systems. To reduce full life cycle costs, energy storage product and system providers are looking for ways to do this, with the most critical innovation being the 314Ah cell and 5MWh energy storage system.

Narada 314Ah energy storage cell can reach 12,000 cycle life, and energy of a single battery cell is more than 1000Wh, so volume energy density is over 390Wh/L

The Narada Center L Plus 20ft Liquid Cooling Energy Storage System adds automatic fire suppression triggered at PACK level, enabling passive fire protection in the battery module. Additionally, two protection measures, " detects slight leakage of electrolyte and coolant within and dual liquid cooling system backup technology," have been added to help build a safe and reliable energy storage system.

In the future, Narada will further strengthen the industrial integration layout, improve the global marketing and service integration network, promote the global integration strategy, seize the development opportunity of energy storage and help the global energy green transformation.


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