Narada Shines SNEC
Release Date:2021-08-28

From August 8th to 10th, one of the world's most influential new energy exhibitions-2020 SNEC PV POWER EXPO was held in Shanghai.

As a pioneer in the field of energy storage, Narada brought the latest system solutions in the three application areas of user side, grid side and power generation side to the exhibition becoming one of the most watched brands in the exhibition.


The booth, which combines a sense of technology and modernity, fully demonstrated Narada's comprehensive strength in the field of energy storage.

Narada also masters the two core electrochemical energy storage technologies of lithium batteries and lead-carbon energy storage batteries. And the MW-class containerized lithium battery energy storage system has passed UL9540 and UL9540A certification, and has been recognized by the world's leading energy storage safety standards.


After 2018, Narada's energy storage business has gradually shifted to grid-side peak shaving and frequency modulation applications, and Narada’s lithium energy storage performance has also grown rapidly.


At present, Narada has won the bid for a number of domestic and overseas grid-side lithium energy storage projects, including the Hunan Changsha Langli Energy Storage Power Station Demonstration Project, which has been completed and put into operation, and the first mobile energy storage power station project in Zhejiang Province-Hangzhou Yuhang Future Science and Technology City Lithium battery energy storage project, and the 55MWh photovoltaic energy storage project in the United States which is under construction.


From 2019 to 2020, the cumulative installed capacity of Narada's lithium energy storage capacity will reach 285MWh.


The commissioning of the grid-side energy storage power station can greatly improve the rapid response capability of the grid at the 100 MW and millisecond level, and protect the stable operation of the power system.

Narada's energy storage technology and application have been highly concerned and fully affirmed by professional visitors.


Through this SNEC exhibition, Narada's advantages in the field of power storage have been fully demonstrated, and the project intentions reached at the exhibition are being promoted in an orderly manner.


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