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Stored energy solutions for a demanding world

  • GPG
    12V, AGM-Gel, Standard
    GPG series, under the name of “General Purpose Gel type”, it is an AGM-Polymer-Gel battery developed from GP series. As its series name, it is for general purpose application, such as civil UPS, Emergent light,…
  • OPzS
    2V, Tubular Flooded, Cycling
    OPzS series is traditional tubular flood batteries. OPzS series provide excellent deep cycle life as well as extra-long float life, and recovery performance thank to the tubular positive plate and flood electrolyte. OPzS …
  • Coolstar
    Force Cooling, Fan Cooling, Cabinet
    The Narada Coolstar cabinet is designed to protect VRLA type lead acid batteries in telecommunication and photovoltaic energy storage applications against stressful ambient temperature conditions.The Coolstar energy effic…
  • GPS Battery
    Anti theft, Tracking, Alarm
    The intelligent tracking management system of NARADA power is based on GPS monitoring as a foundation, being the information tracking system that realizes the intelligent power management.The power tracking management s…