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Coolstar Force Cooling, Fan Cooling, Cabinet
Range summary

The Narada Coolstar cabinet is designed to protect VRLA type lead acid batteries in telecommunication and photovoltaic energy storage applications against stressful ambient temperature conditions.

The Coolstar energy efficient operation allows to significantly reduce equipment-cooling costs by targeting the thermal management efforts directly toward the 48V battery. It will minimize air conditioning energy costs of radio base stations by splitting the thermal management into natural ventilation and forced cooling. Coolstar is ideal for countries with hot or tropical climate and for any location where cooling/heating energy is at a premium and its consumption has to be minimized.

The Coolstar cabinet has been designed on the basis of extensive CFD simulations of cell layout and airflow pattern.

Technical Features

• Up to 95% power saving compared to traditional, A/C based, thermal management solution.

• Interchangeable and visual display service adapter, can freely set cooling temperature from +18 to +28°C to optimize energy consumption
• Cabinet and cooling system rated for -40 to +55°C service
• Proper design for easily installation and service
• Completely gas release safety protected accordingly EN50272-2 and IEC 62485-2
• Minimizing battery temperature differences to less than 3°C after being stabilized
• Universal rack design applied for types of battery
• Dual skin construction with foam insulation against hot outdoor condition for A/C cooling unit
• Environmental friendly refrigerant of R134a without CFC for A/C cooling unit Ingress protection class IP55 and 10 year design life

Main Applications

• Telecommunication

• Photovoltaic energy storage system

General Specifications








CS48600 E ADF4820531000701233IP55
CS481200 E ADF4820531200851265IP55
CS48800 R ADF4820531200701255IP55
CS481200 R ADF4823531200801292IP55
CS481000 O ADF4820581150951281IP55
CS481500 O ADF48235311501100300IP55
CS48200 F2 ADF481150800801139IP55
CS48200 F4 ADF481852800801190IP55
CS481500 R ADF4820501450800296IP55