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Buying start-stop batteries, recommend longer life AGM batteries
Aug 31,2020

   Under the promotion of energy saving and environmental protection policy, more people prefer the cars equipped with automatic start-stop systems.

Because in addition to energy saving and emission reduction effects, the start-stop battery’s life is also longer.


   Battery life: When the actual capacity of the battery cannot reach more than 50% of the rated capacity, the battery life is deemed to have ended and normal use cannot be continued.


   Different types of batteries have different life spans. AGM batteries have three times the life span of ordinary batteries. Do you know why?


   AGM battery has longer life


   The electrode of ordinary battery is composed of lead and lead oxides, and the electrolyte is an aqueous solution of sulfuric acid.


   This ordinary battery generally uses PE separators to separate the positive and negative poles, and uses loose assembly devices. During using, the active material is easy to fall off, and the lifespan is short under normal use.


   AGM battery is designed for the strict requirements of automatic start-stop systems.


   AGM stands for adsorption glass fiber separator technology. The AGM battery adopts lean liquid design and the separator uses ultra-fine glass wool material.


   The electrode plate is not immersed in the electrolyte, and the electrolyte is absorbed by the microporous glass separator. The optimized compression of the components minimizes the loss of active material, delays the softening of the electrode plate, and makes the battery life longer.


   AGM battery has outstanding advantages.


   In addition, compared with ordinary battery, AGM battery has more prominent advantages: double cycle charging capacity; higher capacity stability; more reliable at low-temperature starting; maintenance-free, reducing deep discharge; sealing device, higher safety.


   When the automatic start-stop system starts, the battery needs to be charged and discharged quickly, however the ordinary battery cannot meet the requirements at all.

Therefore, cars equipped with automatic start-stop function cannot use ordinary battery to replace AGM battery.

Otherwise, it will affect the actual work effect of the start-stop system, and also cause damage to the battery rapidly.


   Narada AGM Start-Stop Battery has a higher depth of discharge and longer cycle life, allowing vehicles with automatic start-stop systems to have batter starting performance.