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Narada Huayu Industrial Design Center ranks among the provincial industrial design centers
Aug 18,2020

   Recently, it was learned from the Department of Economics and Information Technology of Anhui Province that Narada Huayu Industrial Design Center was recognized as "Anhui Provincial Industrial Design Center in 2020".

   In recent years, Narada Huayu has continuously deepened the industry-university-research cooperation platform with scientific research institutions in accordance with the requirements of the "Anhui Provincial Industrial Design Center Identification Measures", improved the technological innovation system centered on the enterprise technology center, and strengthened the development of new products , to accelerate the research and development process of new VRLA batteries, and to continuously optimize industrial design innovation capabilities.

   The evaluation will further promote the construction of Narada Huayu industrial design innovation system, improve the industrial design support platform, promote the promotion of high-level talent training, scientific and technological information and intellectual property management, and jointly build research institutions, and promote Narada Huayu towards designing, Branding, service-oriented and high-end development.