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Narada new generation electric bicycle battery makes debut
Jul 07,2020

   During the COVID-19, the electric bicycle has the advantages of one person per car. The market demanding has been increasing so much. However, battery as the “heart” of electric bicycle, its market demand is strong. Narada, which has been cultivating the electric bicycle battery market many years, also has lots of activities in 2020.

   In the first half of 2020, through digging consumer demanding deeply, Narada has launched a series of new electric bicycle batteries, and upgrade the original batteries completely to meet different needs of consumer with a fully covered product structure.


   The Gold Diamond Battery is a high-end product which was developed by Narada for 18 months, through thousands of experiments, overcome many technical difficulties to launch this kind of electric bicycle battery integrated product performance and user experience. Once launched, it quickly occupied the high-end market of electric bicycle battery industry with high quality.

   The Gold Diamond Battery has achieved fast charging function, and can be fully charge in 2 hours with a dedicated fast charging charger, solving the pain point of long charging time for electrical bicycle effectively. The Gold Diamond Battery has greatly improved the endurance. Under the condition of full charge, the endurance is increased by 20% compared with the ordinary battery.

   In the first half of 2020, Narada launched a new battery—Silver Diamond Battery, a high-end battery affordable to the general public.

   The Silver Diamond Battery has the advantage of high cost performance, which allows consumers to enjoy the quality of the diamond series of Narada battery at a limited consumption cost. The power of the Silver Diamond Battery is more powerful, allowing electric bicycle to travel unimpeded under various travel needs like mountain roads, loads, and climbing.

   The upgraded Narada Almighty King and vehicle-specific batteries are built to meet the needs of people travel. After upgrading, these two series batteries have a longer service time, more outstanding power and load capacity, and superior performance. Meanwhile, it also improves the aesthetics and recognition of the packaging.

   After years of market application, Narada Electric Bicycle Battery has precise product positioning and fully cover the needs of different consumer groups. The new products launched and upgraded in 2020 are designed by Narada with the goal of meeting consumers' needs more accurately and with a new perspective.

   The electric bicycle battery market has gradually picked up recently. From the beginning of July, Narada Huayu and Narada Guojian, two major electric bicycle battery production bases of Narada, were very busy.

   Morale was high among the staff and the production line is running at full capacity. At the same time, the logistics vehicle work day and night, and make every effort to ensure the supply of the upcoming electric bicycle battery peak season.

   Since the resumption, Narada has overcome many difficulties and fully restored its production capacity. In the second half of the year, Narada will continue to create a new achievement in electric bicycle battery market with its strong strength and excellent service.