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Narada was awarded the Zhejiang Province Outstanding Social Responsibility Report
May 29,2020

   On May 25, Narada 2018 Social Responsibility Report was awarded "Excellent Report on Corporate Social Responsibility of Zhejiang Province"


   In this 60-page report released by Narada, it systematically disclosed the key issues of the industry including responsibility strategy and management, product and service innovation, occupational health management, clean production, employee care, sustainable supply chain, and public welfare.

   Narada published the first systematic social responsibility report in 2009. In recent years, it has also referred to "Guidelines for Sustainability Reporting-Reporting Principles and Standards Disclosure" of Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) and the G4 of "Guidelines for Sustainability Reporting-Implementation Manual ", “The Guidelines for the Compilation of Chinese Corporate Social Responsibility Reports (CLASS-CSP4.0)” and the GB / T 36000-2015 “Guidelines for Social Responsibilities” to make the report more comprehensive.

   The release of the corporate social responsibility report has a great significance for enhancing the corporate social responsibility and promoting the healthy development of corporate social responsibility work.

   Narada always integrates the concept of green sustainable development into the entire operation process, realizes the harmonious integration of enterprise development with the environment and society, and fully fulfills its responsibilities to society and stakeholders.

   At the same time, Narada continues to deepen 14001, 18001, 50001 and SA8000 management system with the social responsibility policy of "respecting and maintaining the rights of employees, committing to continuous improvement, and committing to becoming a first-class company that abides by the law and regulations, abides by the SA8000 clause, and has the courage to take social responsibility.In the future, Narada will continue to assume social responsibility, help others, promote social harmony, and create a better life.