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Star of Narada——Mr. Ray Miao’s timeless service
May 12,2020

   At the beginning of the outbreak of COVID-19 in Europe, Mr. Ray Miao rushed to the office in the early morning to check the contents of the epidemic prevention materials raised in China, and counted them together with colleagues.


   After the epidemic prevention materials arrived at the company, they were handed over to the courier and sent to Europe. "These partners have been cooperating with us for many years. It is not just masks, but also my most sincere concern for them," he said.


   Mr. Ray Miao, an employee from Narada Overseas Department, is a confident and cheerful post-80s, and he is also a capable international trade expert.In the complex and ever-changing international situation, he has been traveling between China and Europe in recent years, promoting the products and services of Narada actively, opening up market channels, and providing customers with high-quality and efficient services.

   In 2016, Narada started to enter the energy storage market. On the way to visit customers in Italy, Ray saw a row of fans rotating outside the car window. He keenly felt that the time had come to develop the European energy storage market.


   When the prospects for the energy storage market were unclear at that time, Ray entered into this emerging market. From market research to contacting potential customers, from discovering product technology advantages to refining company advantages. He has spent so much time on the energy storage market.


   With perseverance and hard work, finally we had achieved fruitful results in 2019. Narada signed an energy storage project contract with Enel for a total of more than 64MWh.

   His professionalism has been well received by customers and won a good reputation for Narada in the Italian energy storage market. In the process of the implementation of Enel’s energy storage project, faced with a tight schedule, Ray repeatedly traveled between China and Italy, docking and communicating with engineering personnel to confirm every detail. Finally, the project was delivered in time and smoothly.

   There is a six-hour time difference between China and Italy. In order to make customers not aware of the time difference, overtime has become the daily routine for Ray. As soon as China time goes to work, he will communicate with the support team to discuss the project plan. When the partners walked into the office to open the mailbox, the reply email was already waiting to be opened in the inbox.


   In 2019, Ray also won a large order of lithium battery for pure electric truck in Europe. Lithium battery for pure electric trucks is a new market segment for Narada, and a lot of work must be done from scratch. Therefore, Ray communicates with customers actively, and discusses the feedback with R & D every day, looking for the most suitable solution for customer needs.

   In the end, with the tireless efforts of Ray and the project team, Narada developed a lithium battery system successfully which was suitable for pure electric trucks, and the project was a great success. The pure electric truck equipped with Narada lithium battery system can reduce the operating cost per kilometer for customers by more than 40%.


   The success of the lithium battery system project for pure electric trucks represents the strength of Narada has been highly recognized by the European commercial vehicle industry, which has significantly increased the influence of Narada in the lithium battery market for electric vehicles.

   After years of experience in market work, Ray has his own method for overseas trade work. The sentence he often said is that "Expanding new markets, the accumulation of peacetime is very important. When it comes to method, it depends on accumulation in the horizontal direction and deep cultivation in the vertical direction. Finally, it depends on sincerity.

   Based on the outstanding results obtained through unremitting efforts, Ray won the honor of the "Star of Narada" in 2019. He said:“I will continue to work hard to bring Narada's excellent products and services to the world, so that the world can experience the changes brought by Narada' s innovative technologies”.