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Narada Steps-up COVID-19 Donations, Sends Supplies to 20 Countries
Apr 15,2020

   Narada donated over 20,000 medical masks and gloves to more than 20 countries, including Italy, Spain, the United Kingdom, and the United States in response to the Coronavirus pandemic.

   As prevention supplies are in short in China as Coronavirus bites in January, Narada has started the global purchase of healthcare facilities from Europe, Middle East, United States and South Korea. And Narada partners gave great help for collecting those materials since early February.

   “There is an old Chinese saying, ‘As we sow mercy, we can be sure we will receive mercy when we need it.’ The development of COVID-19 is no longer a problem for one person or one country. It is a problem for mankind to overcome.” Said Wu Xianzhang, Vice President of Narada, 

    With Italy being a major epicenter of the outbreak, Narada ‘s Italian partner Pietro reached out to Narada for help with epidemic prevention supplies on March 24th. In response, Narada managed to raise funds and ship the first batch of medical supplies in 48 hours. 

   Narada also shared its accumulated experience in prevention and control measures in response to the pandemic.

   Wu Xianzhang, Vice President of Narada, said: "As a global company with operations in more than 150 countries, Narada follows the development of COVID-19 closely and is working hard to provide support and assistance where possible. At present, fighting COVID-19 has entered a critical stage. Narada will continue to take advantage of its global network and fight with global partners to fulfill our corporate citizenship responsibilities. We firmly believe that through mankind’s joint effort, we will be victorious. "