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Narada sets up European Energy Storage Service Center to strengthen territorial services
Mar 13,2020

   Narada's European energy storage business has developed rapidly in recent years, with a total size exceeding 100 MWh, and has become an important player in the European energy storage market. In February 2020, Narada entered the European market and officially announced the establishment of European Energy Storage Service Center in Dusseldorf, Germany.

   From early 2019, Narada's energy storage technical service team has worked for more than ten energy storage projects in Germany, Italy, Poland, Spain, Ireland and other countries with zero latency. The service content covers all phases of the entire life cycle of energy storage projects, and has been highly recognized by customers, providing a solid support for the Narada's continued development of the European energy storage market.

   The European Energy Storage Service Center will provide customized territorial services to European customers, solving the problem that Chinese operation and maintenance personnel could not reach the site quickly to handle construction and operation and maintenance issues due to geographical distance, and further enhanced the energy storage business service strength.


   Narada's Chinese team will also provide strong professional remote technical support for European energy storage service centers to provide customers with better and timely services.

   After the construction of the European energy storage project starts in the future, the staff of the European Energy Storage Service Center resident in Germany can quickly reach the project site, train the project construction staffs with relevant knowledge and skills, and provide comprehensive professional guidance and supervision of the construction work.

   After the project is completed and put into operation, the operating status of the energy storage power station is monitored in real time through the Narada Smart Energy Storage Remote Monitoring Platform, and the possible faults will be discovered and tracked in the first time.

   Xiang Haifeng, Deputy general manager of Narada Energy Internet Operation Company, said: "The establishment of Narada Europe Energy Storage Service Center not only improves the after-sales service response speed of Narada overseas energy storage projects, but also provides one-stop services for European energy storage market, providing value-added services such as energy efficiency diagnostics and energy-saving retrofits, helping customers achieve smarter energy use. "

   Xiang Haifeng said, "The European Energy Storage Service Center is just the beginning of Narada's global energy storage service. The Asia-Pacific energy storage service has begun to take shape, and the North American Energy Storage Service Center is being built. Next, Narada will gradually build a global energy storage service network, provide diversified comprehensive energy services to customers in various countries, and fully enter the overseas energy storage service market.