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Narada won the Partner Award of MPI
Mar 11,2020

   Recently, the United States MPI company awarded a Partner Award for Narada. In the past 18 years of cooperation, our two sides have jointly explored the US market and provided customers with high-quality, high-performance products and services.


   Mr. Wang Yueneng, vice chairman of Narada, attended the award ceremony. He mentioned that although trade disputes between China and the United States are tense now, the relationship between Narada and the United States, whether at the company level or individual employees, is closely linked. Narada's business and brand awareness are growing in the United States, which are inseparable from MPI's support over the years.

   He expressed the hope that we will continue to cooperate and win-win by adhering to the principles of respect, trust and loyalty, and work together to create greater glories.

   President of MPI, Steven said that these 18 years of market development have been bumpy, but we have gained a lot. He is very optimistic about the prospect of Narada, especially optimistic about the future of business expansion in the United States. He is full of confidence in the cooperation between the two parties and hopes that the space for business cooperation can be further expanded in the future.

   At present, the high-end communications industry and data center market in the United States developed by Narada and MPI has occupied 5% of the industry's market share and Narada is the only overseas brand in this market. Narada has also become the top five data center preferred suppliers in the United States.