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Narada Donates RMB 3 Million to Fight 2019-nCoV
Mar 11,2020

   To support the epidemic prevention work of 2019-nCoV, Narada donated a total of 3 million yuan in cash and supplies to fight the 2019-nCoV.

   Meanwhile, Narada also launched a global procurement channel. Through our global marketing branches and overseas partners, Narada procured urgently needed supplies such as medical masks for donation or targeted assistance actively.

   Since the outbreak, Narada has set up an epidemic prevention and control command team at the first time, deployed a comprehensive prevention and control plan, tracked the status of the epidemic in real time, and supported the epidemic prevention work with actual actions.

   Through internal online surveys, a daily reporting system is implemented to count the movements and health trends of all employees, strictly comply with government regulations, delaying time to return, and fully protecting the health and safety of employees.

   "At such a critical moment, Narada firmly supports all efforts to fight the epidemic. This battle is not only a battle of China, but also a battle of the entire international community." Mr.Zhu Baoyi, CEO of Narada, said, "The company will follow closely the epidemic situation. We must fulfill our corporate social responsibility and provide further support according to the situation to win the battle against the epidemic. "