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The First Mobile Energy Storage Power Station Project in Zhejiang Officially Online
Aug 23,2019

On August 8, a large-scale lithium-ion energy storage power station for Yuhang Future Science and Technology City's electricity service was officially launched. The province's first mobile energy storage power station project was officially connected today, which is another masterpiece of Narada.


The capacity of this power station is 2MW/4MWh, all of which are designed and built with the independent intellectual property rights of Narada. The power station has set up two double-split transformers with 1250 kVA and connected to the 110 kV oil truck substation in Yuhang District, Hangzhou.


The number of power users in the Future Science and Technology City area reached 140,000, including Alibaba, China Mobile, Holley and BGX Group etc.With the development of the Future Science and Technology City, the demand of electricity continues to increase, with an annual growth rate of 10-20%. From January to July 2019, the electricity sold was 905 million kWh, a year-on-year increase of 15%; the highest load was 488,000 kW, an increase of 19.57%.

This energy storage power station has the function of “shaving the peak and filling the valley”. This lithium-ion energy storage power station is officially launched, which effectively mitigating the electricity demand in the Future Science and Technology City.


As a leader in the domestic energy storage field, Narada has rich experience in design, integration and construction of energy storage systems. Narada delivered this project to the owner in just 20 days.

During the project acceptance process, the acceptance expert group gave a high evaluation of the process and quality of this project, and the power supply company also fully affirmed the technical capability and work coordination of Narada.