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Narada Lithium-ion Battery Green High-efficient Recycling Project Signed
Aug 12,2019

On August 8, 2019, Xu Huidong, secretary of the Jieshou Municipal Party Committee of Anhui Province, and Fan Li, director of the Standing Committee of the People's Congress of the People's Republic of China, visited Narada, accompanied by Chairman Wang Haiguang, President Zhu Baoyi, Vice Chairman Wang Yueneng, and Vice President Wang Yingjiao. They have visited the Narada Lithium Battery Production Base, the product showroom, the energy Internet energy storage cloud platform management system, etc. Secretary Xu listened the introduction of Narada and expressed his high recognition for the advanced on-site management, innovative products and system applications of Narada.

At the signing ceremony, Chairman Wang Haiguang, on behalf of the Board of Directors, expressed deep gratitude to the leaders of Jieshou City for their support to Narada, and said that Narada will continue to deepen cooperation with the city of Jieshou in the future and work together for development.


Secretary Xu said that Narada has already had a global vision in the field of renewable energy. The growth in the next three years is explosive. At the same time, Jieshou City has a very obvious advantage in the whole industrial chain layout of the battery. It is necessary to fully integrate with Narada, vigorously support the development of Narada, promote the local economy development, and create a better future.