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Narada Feature: Building a Green Future with Green Mission
Mar 29,2019

In 2018, it was 24 years since the establishment of Narada. In this year, we constantly pursued the maximization of the comprehensive value of the economy, society and environment, and strived to provide renewable energy support for the sustained and healthy development of the economy and society.


In the future, Narada will integrate the “Narada Dream”, which promotes the smart energy revolution and create a green and beautiful life, into the great “Chinese Dream” and fully fulfill its responsibilities to stakeholders.


                                                                                                     ——Social Responsibility Report of Narada in 2018

We insist on innovation and development. Bravely act as promoter and doer of reform, regard innovation as the first motive force that enterprises and employees always maintain, build innovation platform, support innovation exploration, and create innovative enterprises.


Focus on reform and innovation, and firmly accelerate the transformation of product structure, industry transformation, and transformation of business methods, keep up with the pace of the times, and draw a broader enterprise structure with a broader and more comprehensive vision.

Focusing on technological innovation, Narada and its invested subsidiaries now have more than 1,000 valid patents, including more than 400 invention patents. Narada has carried out key common technology research and industrialization of major scientific and technological achievements around the fields of motive power, energy storage, telecommunication and system integration, and has made good progress in these industries.


We adhere to the green development, integrate the concept of green sustainable development into the whole process of operation, and continue to promote the commercialization of energy storage on the user side and the grid side. The project construction and commissioning volume of Narada is leading the world.


Through the integration of upstream and downstream industrial chain development, we will create a closed loop of the two major industrial chains of lead battery and lithium battery, continuously enhance the vitality of the industry, and achieve harmonious integration of enterprise development with the environment and society.


We insist on building and sharing. We will fully support the power supply, and participate in the key projects of Henan Power Grid 100 MW Battery Energy Storage Demonstration Project and Feida Group Smart Energy Storage Power Station to provide safe operation and power supply services.


Always adhere to the people-oriented, care for employees' occupational safety and health, attach importance to democratic management, protect the legitimate rights and interests of employees, constantly improve the education and training system, improve the production, life and working conditions of front-line employees, and promote the common growth of employees and enterprises.


The development of an enterprise is inseparable from the cultivation of society. The practice of social responsibility by enterprises has never ended.


We will work together with stakeholders to develop and improve our ability to perform our duties, actively promote the transformation of smart energy, and bring green energy into a better life.