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Narada Won the Bid of Alibaba Data Center Project, with A Target Amount of More Than 260 Million Yuan
Jan 04,2019

Recently, Narada won the bid for the battery equipment procurement of Alibaba Data Center Project. The total amount of the bid is about 260 million yuan, which indicates that Narada’s backup power supply products are fully recognized by customers in the data center application field. And will help the backup power business of Narada continue to grow in the next few years.

To Create Data Center Industry Level Integrated Solution


With the rapid development of the Internet and data services, the demand for data storage and big data applications has increased substantially. The investment in the construction of data centers for domestic Internet companies represented by Internet giants such as BAT has continued to be active, and the coverage and usage rate have gradually increased, the market space is huge. Because it is a necessity for data centers, there will be greater demand for backup batteries.


Narada uses a leading data center backup power technology and rich practical experience to provide a series of industry-level integrated solutions such as IDC high-power battery systems for customers in different fields, and provides full service covering solution design, hardware equipment and project integration.


Narada will continue to pay attention to and meet the needs of Internet companies represented by BAT in planning the construction of large data centers. Respond quickly and provide personalized integrated solution services for customers. On this basis, Narada will carry out strategic cooperation to jointly expand renewable energy storage, motive power and other fields.


The successful implementation of this successful bidding project will further enhance the industry leading edge of Narada and have a positive impact on the Narada’s future operating results.