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Big News! Narada Germany Frequency Regulation Energy Storage Project Phase I Inauguration Ceremony Held in Germany
Sep 18,2018

On September 14th, the first phase of the frequency regulation energy storage PCR project of Narada was held in Leipzig, Germany. The Minister Counselor of the Chinese Embassy in Germany—Wang Weidong, the President of Narada—Chen Bo, the Director of ALABC Products and Sustainability—Dr. Alistair Davidson, and more than 70 representatives from power grid companies and media reporters from 11 countries attended the ceremony.

 Narada Germany Frequency Regulation Energy Storage Project Phase I Officially Put Into Operation

The Minister Counselor—Wang Weidong congratulated the Project of Narada on its successful operation, and particularly affirmed the extreme pursuit of Narada for its technology research and product innovation. He said that through this project, he saw a gratifying shift from “Made in Germany, China Market” to “Made in China, German Market”. He encouraged the two companies to accurately grasp the development trend of the industry, deepen pragmatic cooperation, and jointly promote the cooperation between the two companies and the healthy development of world economy.

Chen Bo, the president of Narada, thanked the Chinese Embassy in Germany for their support of the project and the cooperation of the project partners in his speech. He said, this frequency regulation energy storage PCR project is an symbol of transformation and development of Narada’s new business, and this project is the first large-scale grid-level energy storage project that Narada officially put into operation overseas. Narada will take this opportunity to accelerate the promotion and application of energy storage business in Europe and global market.

The representatives of project partners, Mitnetz and Upside, also speaking at the ceremony, respectively. They think the collaboration with Narada goes very well, and them feel confident with the frequency regulation energy storage system solution of Narada, will continue to push for larger cooperation in the future.

At the project site, Minister Wang dongwei, President Chen Bo, project partners, the chef scientist of Narada Mr. Giess, and the General Manager of Narada Overseas Dept. Mrs. Zheng Yan, pressed the project start button together to celebrate the official grid-connected operation of this project.


Afterwards, the guests visited the frequency regulation energy storage power station to learn more about the operation mode and technical advantages of the power station. The guests showed strong interest in the solution of Narada and expressed strong willingness to cooperate. EDF, ENEL and other customers and representatives of ALABC gave high praise to the technology and quality of Narada in the interview.

As the utilization of renewable energy in Germany occupies a leading position in the world. Therefore, its power grid frequency regulation market is also a mature power market anxiliary service trading market. As the proportion of renewable energy generation increases, the demand for frequency modulation of the German power grid will accelerate.

The initial construction capacity of of Narada's frequency regulation energy storage PCR project is 50MW. The installed capacity of the first phase project is 16.4MW, and the peak energy storage capacity can reach 25MWh. It can supply more than one month of electricity supply to 80 households on each charge. This project has passed the certificate and review of the German power grid, and has participated in the EU power grid frequency auxiliary service officially. The second phase of the project has also started construction.

This project is the first large-scale grid-level energy storage project that Narada has officially put into operation overseas. It was a landmark moment for Narada’s business and will have a profound impact on the future layout and promotion in the global energy storage market.