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Narada and Zhejiang University Signed A Strategic Agreement to Jointly Develop Next-generation Lithium-ion Batteries
Sep 07,2018

Recently, Narada and Zhejiang University signed a strategic cooperation agreement in Hangzhou. The two parties will integrate the research and manufacturing resources of lithium-ion batteries and jointly explore in the field of all-solid lithium battery technology.


According to the agreement, Narada and Zhejiang University will carry out cooperation on the R&D and application of key technologies, the development and construction of special equipment for solid-state lithium battery, and cultivating talents for the development of research and production technology of solid-state lithium battery.

As the energy density continues to rise, the safety of lithium-ion batteries has become an insurmountable gap in commercial applications in the past two years. The all-solid-state lithium battery is expected to solve the two major problems that currently plague the motive power battery industry: safety hazards and low energy density.

Narada has been involved in the field of lithium-ion batteries since 2001, covering products in the areas of telecom backup, smart energy storage, renewable energy and motive power.

Through this strategic cooperation, Narada and Zhejiang University hope to overcome the key technical problems of solid-state lithium batteries such as low ionic conductivity and poor interface compatibility of solid electrolyte materials. At the same time, with the continuous deepening of strategic cooperation, the two sides will jointly enhance the ability of sustainable development and innovation, and achieve win-win cooperation.