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Narada Enters Wuhan Urban Rail Transit Market
Sep 04,2018

Recently, Narada successfully won the bid for a battery system project for a city rail vehicle in Wuhan, which means that technical level and overall strength of Narada in the rail transit battery system have been highly recognized by the industry. 

Meanwhile, this project will provide important experience for the large-scale entry into the rail transit market in the future.

The development of rail transit networks has shortened the distance of the city. The direction of urban rail transit is not only faster, more reliable, but also provides a safer ride for passengers.

Modern rail transit will be equipped with batteries during operation to ensure proper operation of the train's internal lighting, external lighting, vehicle safety equipment and broadcasting systems.

For a long time, as a backup force for subway operation, the battery installed inside the subway has always been a difficult problem for rail transit experts. Nickel-cadmium batteries have been used since the birth of rail transit for more than 100 years.

The most fatal shortcoming of nickel-cadmium batteries is that if they are handled improperly during charging and discharging, serious "memory effects" will occur, which will greatly shorten the service life. The so-called "memory effect" means that the battery is not completely discharged before the battery is charged, and the battery capacity will be reduced over time.

Compared with nickel-cadmium batteries, the battery system for city rail vehicles of Narada adopts valve-regulated sealant lead-acid battery, which has no memory effect. The whole train has lower life cycle cost than nickel-cadmium battery.



The biggest highlight of the Narada rail transit battery system solution is the safe design. Briefly, the battery system is resistant to earthquakes of 8, 9 intensity and offers a customized safety design based on requirements.

The connection strip between batteries adopts a fully enclosed connection system to avoid the possibility of short-circuiting the battery due to improper operation.

Narada rail transit battery system is the best choice for transportation systems, which has excellent deep cycle life, consistency and high current discharge performance, high specific energy, great safety and reliability, etc., fully satisfying the needs of diesel locomotives and electric locomotives.

In the process of installation and use, Narada provides both vertical and horizontal solutions. The horizontal installation solution can reduce the total weight of the vehicle battery pack and reduce the energy consumption of the vehicle. The battery capacity can be increased by 20% without changing the vehicle weight.

In the future, with the continuous deepening of cooperation with key customers in the rail industry, Narada will achieve more ambitious development goals in this field.