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Narada Highlights in the First Half of the Year
Aug 15,2018

Top 10 Economic Figures in China's ICT Industry

January, the president of Narada, Chen Bo, won the award — "Top 10 Economic Figures in China's ICT Industry"

Entrepreneurs is the key element of industry and business development. This award is the affirmation of the industry's contribution to Narada in the ICT industry. 


International Carbon-Value Award


January, Narada received Social Citizen Award and president Chen Bo was named the Leader of Green and Low-Carbon Transformation Development that presented at the 7thInternational Carbon-Value Award 

Cause the creativity and development in the storage industry, Narada was considered the best representative of the concept to prompt sustainable development between economy and environment by judging panel.


 The First Commercial Energy Storage Project Participates in Demand Side Response in China


During the Spring Festival this year, Narada Wuxi Singapore Smart Distribution Network Energy Storage Power Station participated in the electricity demand side response in Jiangsu and completed its implementation successfully.

In the process of participating in the service, the power station has reduced the electricity demand of 20,000kw in the park but taken only 1 second. It is reported that this is the first time for such large-scale energy storage station involved in the demand side of the grid response.


Narada Enters Europe's Pure Electric Vehicle Power Market


In the first half of 2017, Narada signed a long-term cooperation agreement with a European electric vehicle company for pure lithium iron battery system for electric vehicles. The total scale of the project about 800 MWH. Narada received the first batch of orders of 3.3 million US dollars recently.

Narada creatively developed the lithium iron battery system that suitable for pure electric vehicles. This system has the feature of high integrated, lightweight and refined power system design; the cycle life up to 3000 times; high energy density, and has the advantage of fast charging. 



 Narada signed a cooperation agreement with the National Energy Marine Nuclear Power Platform Technology R&D Center

Narada has signed a strategic cooperation agreement with National Energy Marine Nuclear Power Platform Technology R&D Center to cooperate in the fields of marine nuclear power platform national special projects, integrated energy services, and national science and technology projects a few days ago. 

The cooperation project will help both of us jointly promote the research and development of the national nuclear power platform for the sea, establish and improve the marine nuclear energy industry system, promote industrial development, and help both parties to develop and increase efficiency.


Narada has the second largest energy storage capacity in 2017

Recently, Bloomberg released the global ranking of 2017 energy storage battery vendors based on the database of energy storage projects of Bloomberg New Energy Finance.Narada ranked Top2 in the 2017 energy storage and operation scale list with a scale of 340MWh.

The report specifically mentions that Narada had a successful year deploying its long-duration lead-carbon technology for large commercial & industrial applications in 2017. The most meaningful project is the Germany PCR project.



Narada has built the largest pre-installed modular energy storage project in China


In May, State Grid Jiangsu Electric Power Co., Ltd, Narada and 6 key enterprises in Zhenjiang New District Materials Industrial Park signed a contract for distributed energy storage projects. The successful signing of the project marks that the country's largest user-side distributed energy storage project, led by State Grid Jiangsu Electric Power Co., Ltd, officially landed in Zhenjiang.

As a investor of this project, Narada has undertaken the design, installation, commissioning, operation & maintenance and technical support of this energy storage power stations.

On July 5th, the 20MW/160MWh intelligent energy storage power station of Feida Group, which was invested and constructed by Narada, successfully connected to the grid. This intelligent energy storage power station marking the modular pre-installed energy storage power station technology of China has entered the stage of large-scale application, and it is also the largest modular pre-installed energy storage power station in China.


 CCTV Image Advertisement

In June, Narada officially met with the audience in CCTV's "Dialogue" and "Global Sight" columns.

This new brand image commercial of Narada focuses on the positioning in the four areas of smart energy storage, green travel, communication and data, and resource recycling. It expresses Narada, as a pioneer of smart energy, is making unremitting efforts for the green low-carbon future.


China’s Top 100 Light Industry Enterprises

In June, Narada was once again selected for the “China’s Top 100 Light Industry Enterprises” special ability list. “China's Top 100 Light Industry Enterprises” is an authoritative list for evaluating the competitiveness of light industrial enterprises.

As a representative of renewable energy brand in China, Narada has stood out from many participating companies with its strong technical background, market experience and innovative ability. It has been a finalist for many years, which is a strong proof of the excellent comprehensive strength of Narada.


Pure Electric Truck


In the first half of 2018, Narada cooperated with Dongfeng Special Type Automobile Co., Ltd. to innovatively developed a lithium iron phosphate battery system suitable for pure electric light trucks. In June, this batch of models have passed the test and will be mass-produced soon.

This pure electric light truck can not only reduce the operating cost per kilometer with the use of Narada pure electric truck lithium iron phosphate battery system, but also achieve quiet driving without carbon dioxide.


The First Grid-side Distributed Energy Storage Power Station in China


On July 4th, the 100 MW battery energy storage demonstration project of Henan power grid - 9.6MW Xinyang Longshan 110KV substation battery energy storage demonstration project was successfully connected to the grid-side and passed acceptance, which was deployed by State Grid Corporation, State Grid Henan Electric Power Company, Pinggao Group Co., Ltd., and Narada provide complete pre-installed energy storage equipment.

This project adopts the advanced pre-installed modular lithium iron phosphate energy storage technology, which is a typical application of Narada to enter the domestic power grid-side, and has a huge impact in the development of its energy storage business.