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Narada Long-life Start-stop Automotive Battery is Fully Listed
Jul 30,2018

In order to alleviate the environmental problems caused by automobile exhaust emissions, the engine automatic start-stop technology has become a highlight for fuel trucks to save energy and reduce emissions. Therefore, the start-stop automotive battery, which is known for its energy saving and emission reduction effects, is also gradually emerging.

In order to find a low-cost and high-efficiency solution, Narada has introduced the British TBS production line and the Korean KMT production line since 2014, relying on the world's leading technological innovation capability. Through the benchmarking of international advanced research institutions and products, developed a special battery for the Narada start-stop automotive battery, which is now fully listed.

This Narada start-stop automotive battery, combined with high temperature and composite carbon technology, effectively solves the pain points of users who have started up slowly, heat-sensitive, and not durable.

Product construction advantage

  • Stamped grid, good corrosion resistance and high battery consistency

  • Lead-calcium alloy, AGM technology, low battery self-discharge

  • AGM lean liquid design, prevent acid stratification, safety and maintenance-free

  • Extremely compact assembly, no active material shedding, stable battery performance and long service life


Performance advantage

  • Specially designed according to the characteristics of the start-stop of the car

  • AGM lean liquid technology achieves 100% maintenance-free and 360 degree anti-overflow, safe and reliable

  • More than 135% cold start performance than traditional maintenance-free starter battery

  • It is more than 3 times the cycle life of the traditional starting battery

  • low self-discharge, long-term storage

  • Better deep discharge capability and superior start-up capability under low charge state (PSoC)

  • Excellent charging acceptance to meet the requirements of braking energy recovery for start-stop vehicles

  • Lead carbon technology effectively suppresses sulphation of the negative electrode under start-stop conditions and prolongs battery life

  • The plate group is tightly assembled, battery resistant to vibration, no active material shedding, stable performance, long service life

  • Stamping grid technology, grid corrosion resistance, good battery consistency


Technical advantage

  • Lead carbon battery technology: Through the identification of national energy science and technology achievements, the technology have greatly improved the cycle life and high rate charge & discharge performance of lead-acid batteries. It has a number of independent intellectual property rights, fills the domestic gap, and has achieved a major breakthrough in lead-acid battery technology, reaching the international advanced level

  • High-temperature battery technology: Appraised by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, it has a number of independent intellectual property rights, fills the industry gap, and has reached the international leading level. This achievement has won many innovation awards at home and abroad