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THE WINNER——Narada Received Four Energy Storage Awards
Jul 05,2018

From July 2nd to 4th, Narada has won the “Global Excellence Developers Award” and other three energy storage industry awards at the China International Awards 2018, which held in Shanghai, for its outstanding performance in terms of technological innovation, brand influence and market competitiveness in the field of renewable energy storage


The president of Narada, Chen Bo has won the “Top Ten Outstanding Contribution Awards for China’s Energy Storage Industry in 2018” for he has led Narada to develop the energy storage industry and created a new era of commercial energy storage.

“The China International PV Storage Conference” is the first stop of Leader Associates global PV energy storage series in 2018. It is also the most influential industry conference and exhibition in the global PV storage industry. It is the vane of this field.

On July 2nd, the National Development and Reform Commission issued the Opinions on Innovation and Improvement of the Price Mechanism for Promoting Green Development, and proposed to improve the formation mechanism of peak and valley electricity prices, and further increase the implementation of peak and valley electricity price policies to promote the development of energy storage industry.

Narada will adhere to innovative and sustainable development, create higher value for customers and provide more intelligent green energy to the world.

1. Top Ten Outstanding Contributions of China's Energy Storage Industry in 2018——President of Narada, Chen Bo

2. Global Excellence Developers Award——Narada Energy Internet Operation & Management Co., Ltd

3. Global Excellence in Investors Award——Narada Energy Internet Operation & Management Co., Ltd

4. Best User Side Energy Storage Project Award for Energy Storage Industry in 2018——Narada Energy Internet Operation & Management Co., Ltd