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Narada’s Black Technology Of Energy Storage Shines Intersolar Europe
Jul 04,2018

From June 20th-22nd, the most influent solar and energy storage exhibition in the world----Intersolar Europe, was held in Munich, Germany.

   During the exhibition, the products of Narada had become the focus quickly. Besides the highly sought-after energy storage FM service, the Home Energy Storage System of Narada has also become a highlight of the show, attracting attention.



   With the increasing of renewable energy generation, especially photovoltaics and wind power, its intermittent and unpredictability lead to short-term deviations in power supply and demand, resulting in unstable grid operation quality, especially frequency fluctuations. The demand for frequency modulation from the grid will accelerate.

   In response to the demand of the global frequency modulation, Narada has realized the peak shaving and frequency regulation and intelligent energy management on the power generation side and the user side , changed the out-of –box mode of power system, reduced the peak capacity of the generator set, improved the utilization rate of power generation equipment with an innovative container type modular design.

   The home energy storage system of Narada has also received great attention at the exhibition. Narada provides users with a variey of options such as lead carbon and lithium battery.

   Meanwhile, users can also install the home energy storage system intelligent control system according to their own needs. The control system continuously switches and adjusts the working state of the energy storage system according to the change of sunshine intensity and load, thus ensuring the continuity and stability of the whole system.