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Good news! Narada won “Top 100 Enterprise in China Light Industry” once again
Jun 29,2018

   At present, the TOP100 Enterprise in China Light Industry Forum sponsored by China National Light Industry Council in Beijing.

   The Honorary List of "2017 China's Top 100 Light Industry Enterprises" was released at the same time.  Narada was once again selected as the "Top 100 Enterprise in China Light Industry " list of special capabilities, because of its comprehensive ability in products and technology.

   As we all know, “TOP100 Enterprise in China Light Industry” is the authoritative list for evaluating the competitiveness of light industry enterprise, and is also an important standard for measuring the vitality of China’s light industry enterprise.

   China National Light Industry Council will perform comprehensive assessments for 2017 annual participating companies on the basis of six indicators including market capacity, profitability, value capability, e-commerce capability, R&D capability and growth capability.

   Narada as a representative of China's new energy brands, has emerged from a large number of participating companies with strong technical background, market experience, and innovative ability. It has been listed in the honor list for many years. This is a strong testimony to the comprehensive strength of Narada.

   With the increasingly prominent role of batteries in emerging industries such as communications and data services, green travel, and smart energy, the company's new energy storage and other new areas have maintained rapid growth, and its profitability has continued to increase. The company’s R&D advantages have gradually improved. It is reflected in new business and has strong profit potential.

   Narada also ushered in an unprecedented opportunity for good development and has a broader space for development.