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Herbert Giess strongly recommended lead-carbon technology in energy storage industry
May 04,2018

Recently,Herbert Giess ,who was recognized for his contribution to the lead and lead battery industries with International Lead Award at the Asian Battery Conference in Kuala Lumpur last year , received the interview with Batteries International.

    Herbert Giess was the chairman of the International Electrotechnical Standardization Organization IEC/TC21. And he is the constitutor of the IEC 60896-21/22 VRLA battery international standard and the IEC 61427 energy storage international standard .He has served as executive chairman of the International Lead Acid Battery Conference for many times.

    Mr.Giess mentioned that lead-acid batteries can be used as a competitive solution in large-scale energy storage systems. And Mr.Giess is working with Narada on an ALABC project using the IEC61427-2 methodology to measure the performance of lead batteries and will present data that illustrates its strengths and weak spots and ultimately indicate that it can be very suitable .

    He said, the main producer of lithium-ion cells, energy storage projects more commonly use lead batteries. One of the reasons of this is that some companies have developed VRLA/AGM type lead batteries capable of delivering many more 100%DoD cycles—around 1500 compared with the standard 300-800 typical of a battery used in Europe and the US.

    What’s more, Narada has developed the REX-C battery, a carbon modified VRLA/AGM that is able to achieve good cycle life in partial state of charge.

    Lead acid battery, for many energy storage applications, is simply the better option and is more affordable.