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Narada Ranked in Brand Finance "Top 300 Most Valuable Chinese Brands in 2018"
May 02,2018

Recently, Brand Finance, a famous brand value consulting firm in UK, released the”TOP300 the most valuable Chinese brands of the year 2018”(Brand Finance China 300), and Narada has entered the list for the first time by the influence of brand value.

As we known, Brand Finance is the world’s leading independent branded business valuation and strategy consultancy, and is one of the five best brand value evaluation authorities. Brand Finance measures the brand influence based on the factors such as marketing investment, public familiarity, loyalty, employee satisfaction, and corporate reputation. 

In 2017, Narada realized operating revenue of 1.36 billion USD, operating income and net profit increased by 20.84% and 15.65% respectively, further reinforces Narada’s global high-end battery industrial leader and smart energy leader.

In recent years, Narada deployed smart energy storage and green commuting services actively, developed communications and data services steadily, and expanded the industrial chain through resource regeneration to achieve rapid growth.

Narada innovated in market layout, business model, technology research and operating management all the time. And it is why we can enter the list.

Narada will continue to strength innovation, and forge ahead in new energy field, and will build the super brand of NARADA in the future.