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The progress of Germany PCR project
Apr 24,2018

In April, people passed through the Leipzig discovered some containers were built on a vast plain. These containers were the energy storage plants built by Narada for Germany's PCR project.


In 2017, Narada signed a contract with Upside German to build the FM energy storage station with a total capacity of more than 50MW and participated in PCR in Germany.

The use of renewable energy in Germany ranks the world leader. At present , 33% of Germany’s electricity demand comes from the renewable energy. According to German “Energy Transformation”, the use of renewable energy will be more than 80%.

With the increase of renewable energy power generation, especially solar and wind, its intermittent and unpredictability lead to short-term deviations in power supply and demand, resulting in instability in the quality of power grid operation, especially in frequency fluctuations. The demand for frequency regulation on the grid will accelerate.

Compared with traditional thermal power plant frequency modulation, battery energy storage system has better economic and social benefits because of its high frequency regulation efficiency, fast response , relatively low cost and more environment friendly features.

During the construction of the project, Narada dispatched personnel to the project construction site severaltimes to conduct professional installation guidance.


The General Manager of Narada overseas and EPC Engineering Division Zheng Yan introduced that the total construction capacity of the entire project is 50MW, which is completed in three phases. The first phase of the project will be completed in June, and the completion of the overall project will be completed by the end of this year.