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NARADA 2015 New Staff Training Camp
Aug 05,2015

Hangzhou, China, August 2015 — Narada Power Sources Co. 2015 new staff training camp drew a successful concusion.

In July, in the training field of Yuhang district, forty-eight camouflage green figures were lined up under the hot sun.These were precisely the trainees of Narada 2015 new employees training camp.They were confidently with loud slogans, firm pace, unified action and neat formation, training for their end.

The same day, President Chen Bo, Party Secretary Wang Hong, Vice President Wang Yingjiao, Chief Engineer Wu Xianzhang came to the parade ground, and reviewed the results of the participants’ eight-day training. Chen Po-president expressed the company's hopes for the new employees , and the winning team during the training were awarded prizes.






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+86 571 56975980/56975956

East Wing, No.822 Wen'er Xi Road,

Hangzhou 310030, China