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Narada get financed again by ALABC in research program on lead-carbon battery
Apr 14,2017

On 18th Feb, The Advanced Lead Acid Battery Consortium (ALABC) has signed a research program with Narada power on a project of frequency regulation with lead-carbon batteries. Those attenders for the ceremony of signature include: Dr. Boris Monahov (project chairman of ALABC), Dr. David Rand from CSRIO (Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization in Australia), Mr. Chen. Bo (CEO of Narada power), Dr. Wu. Xianzhang (Chief engineer of Narada power), and Dr. Herbert Giess (Chief scientist of Narada power).


▲Dr. Herbert Giess is introducing the project progress to experts from ALABC

This is the second project concerning lead-carbon battery financed by ALABC, concentrating on the performance and internal mechanism of lead-carbon battery under scenarios of frequency regulation and load-tracking, by means of controlling strategy of SOC and management of charging and discharging, so as to improve its performance in energy storage application of power type.

Dr. Boris Monahov has fully affirmed the unremitting efforts made by Narada power to promote technology of lead-carbon battery in energy storage, and he said: this project is quite significant to explore the large storage market of frequency regulation, since it is still a blank part in characteristic research on batteries under such an operational condition.


▲The signature ceremony of research agreement 

by CEO Chen. Bo and Dr. Alistair Davidson

Dr. Boris Monahov from CSRIO, who is the inventor of lead-carbon battery (ultra-battery), said: the lead-carbon battery was initially developed for hybrid electrical vehicles, while later on Narada has successfully applied it in energy storage, via its self-dependent innovation. Now Narada has totally mastered the core technology in formulation of lead carbon as well as engineering of mass production.

At the end of meeting, CEO Chen. Bo of Narada has signed an agreement of research and development for two years with Dr. Alistair Davidson, who is the product director of ALABC. It can be expected that Narada will master the internal mechanism of lead-carbon battery for power-type, and conquer the bottleneck in storage application for frequency.

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East Wing, No.822 Wen'er Xi Road,

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