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The storage project for Atec industrial park has been put into operation
Mar 20,2017

— To establish a global benchmark for energy storage projects

Jiangsu, China, March, 2017 — Recently, Narada has launched a new commercial storage project in Atec Industrial Park of intelligent equipment, Zhenjiang city, Jiangsu province, China, which is one of the storage projects with model of “investment + operation” invented by Narada. Narada power is not only in charge of whole technical solution, construction as well as operation service, but also the overall investment on this project.



▲The exterior appearance of Atec energy storage system

After four months, Narada has accomplished all installation and commissioning for the first stage project with capacity of 0.75MW/6MWh, including 4032pcs of Lead-carbon batteries, BMS, 3pcs controllers, 2pcs switch cabinets and SCADA system.

The storage system is coupled onto 400V AC-bus in distribution room of Atec Industrial Park, which will shave the energy from peak period, lower the electric demand, while provide stable power to electrical equipment by restriction on power surge and transition. For next step, Narada will create more profit for customers by power optimization via its energy management system based on cloud data, in order to realize a new business model with feature of smart consumption, in field of distributed energy sources and energy internet.


▲The interior appearance of Atec energy storage system

Since 2016, Narada has successfully promoted its innovative business model of “investment + operation” to largely commercialize energy storage. Up to the present day, Narada has received remarkable revenue thanks to its lead-carbon quality with good quality. By December 2016, Narada has already signed contracts with storage capacity up to 1000MWh, among which, 150MWh under construction, 150MWh ready for construction and 30MWh in operation, that is actually in a quite leading position globally in storage business.

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+86 571 56975980/56975956

East Wing, No.822 Wen'er Xi Road,

Hangzhou 310030, China