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【Episode-3】Narada Battery providing 'zero dollar' power bills
Mar 17,2017


In April 2016, the McGarvies’ family, who live in the Eaglemont of East Melbourne, installed a total energy storage system with a capacity of 14.4 kWh for its own household PV system. All batteries were supplied with 12REXC lead-acid batteries of Narada.


▲Michael McGarvie and his wife installed a carbon-gel 

battery system at their home in east Melbourne


As feed-in tariffs are phased out and grid electricity becomes more expensive in Australia, anyone who has a tool, a battery, just like the McGarvies’ REXC Battery energy storage system, knows that can allow them to store the surplus power during the day and use it at night, it means they're going to get greater control than they already have over their power bill.


After an energy-intensive winter(from June to August), he said his house has been completely self-sufficient so far October 2016, meaning he owed nothing to his electricity provider after fixed costs.

He expected his house would be powered completely by his solar and Narada battery systems for the remaining nine months of the year.


▲Michael McGarvie's Narada battery 

packs at his home in Eaglemont.


In addition to the batteries, the system also includes photovoltaic inverters and twenty-four PV modules, and the McGarvies’ paid a cost for the system, a cost he acknowledged maybe was beyond the budget of several households. But he was also confident of the future, and predicted: Within ten years of Narada batteries’ lifespan, with the progress of science and technology, photovoltaic energy storage system will enter into thousands of families; especially for those who have installed the on-grid system, they will be the best customer base for energy storage systems.

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